Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2009-04-19

  • I am not a Recessionista: Thrifting is a way of life, not some fad #
  • too adorable for words. #
  • such a pretty face and i adore your haircut! #
  • hardcore ruling! love love love the pattern mixing. #
  • I was admittedly impressed by some girl’s karaoke rendition of ‘Creep’ in the style of Alanis. I REALLY need to get out of this town. #
  • Styled a professional opera singer for her headshots yesterday. I get PAID to do this??? #
  • Those EPIC vintage harem pants I featured in SNR are out the door in 24! Quick! Bid!! #
  • Glorious Film Noir Jumpsuits – cheap as all get out! Auctions ending in 30 minutes! Grab ’em cuz they’re HAWT. #
  • French Pop night. They’re projecting Danger Diabolik on the wall!! #