Painfully Hip Design Collective and ModCloth: Summers at the Ranch

The Painfully Hip Design Collective has teamed with the peerless for SS09! When I saw their Spring/Summer arrivals, I just knew they would marry our latest vintage finds perfectly! In the following photos you will find ModCloth’s Wood Street Shoes, The Cover Girl’s Derby, Thumbelina Dress in Blush, and Variety Hour Romper (Don’t forget to use your 10% Painfully Hip Discount – coupon code: PAINFULLYHIP), along with some stunning vintage finds (more info about online availability below)!


Ol' Bessie


Swimming Hole Day

Floral and Plaid on the Lake



Modeled by Liz Liles and Jillian OliverYou ladies were such beautiful troopers!
Photos by Carla Frances and Amber Mortensen
Hair and Makeup by Luxe Salon & Spa, Sacramento (916.443.1400) – Thank you for achieving follicle perfection!
Styling by Amber Mortensen, in collaboration with Eve Dineen
Special thanks to the lovely Michelle LaJeunesse for letting us visit the stunning Indy on his ranch – He was such a beautiful and well-behaved steed! and to the nice old man who allowed us to trespass on his beautiful property.

As an experiment, the Painfully Hip Design Collective has been tons of fun… I can’t believe how lucky I have been to have such crazy team of talent willing to pitch in to make such beautiful photos. I love it! That said, having a vintage store is a ton of work!! I have a whole new respect for online boutique owners. With my tiny apartment, my graphic design business and lack of superfluous funds, I am realizing that the Collective is going to have to take a backseat unless I can reduce the workload and get more of these of these pretty things into your hands!

Practically every piece in this photoshoot is in perfect condition and for sale! If you have any interest in purchasing an item you see in these photos, please let me know in the comments and I will hook you up! I will put your object of desire up on either the Etsy store or on the amazing vintage auction site, Market Publique and via email, you will be among the first to know about it!

  • Floral sailor top from Thunderhorse Vintage, denim tap shorts from Bows & Arrows Vintage, felt hat from Cuffs, Variety Hour Romper from ModCloth, knee-high cowboy boots from Painfully Hip Vintage.
  • Vintage floral chiffon blouse (softest material in existence!) (sold) and denim tap shorts from Bows & Arrows Vintage. Dark brown bowler hat and woven oxfords from Striped backless dress by Sacramento designer, Linden Simone. Purple acorn leather belt from Thunderhorse Vintage.
  • Floral sundress and dark brown bowler hat from ModCloth, Woven fedora from Cuffs, pink high-waisted cummerbund shorts from Bows & Arrows Vintage, Sacramento.
  • Floral tiered dress and plaid blouse from Bows and Arrows Vintage. High-waisted boyfriend jeans from Painfully Hip Vintage.
  • Cropped pink linen jacket with gold embroidery and grey studded ankle booties from Painfully Hip Vintage. Pink and yellow gingham straw hat from Cuffs. Denim tap shorts, backless black Bill Blass ruffled swimsuit, and plaid mini skirt from Bows & Arrows Vintage.
  • More pretty photography after the jump!

    Majestic Steed


    Ol' Bessie


    Horsetail Brush


    Floral and Plaid on the Lake


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