Month: May 2009

Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2009-05-31

  • At the Maproom in Chicago drinking exotic beers. Hopping a plane to California in a few. #
  • Home again home again. Poop. Maybe i’ll check into a hotel to pretend i’m still on a fabulous vacay. #
  • I have writers block. I feel like i need a high velocity frying pan upside the head. #
  • Prop Hate. #prop8 #rejectprop8 #
  • Help a sistah out and give my photos a bump on the Crossroads Photography Contest? Love you! #
  • My talented bro-in-law, very pregnant sister and Sacramento’s Best Hugger are playing a show at Fox and Goose tonight! Meet me there, 8ish! #
  • Just got back from the latest PHDC photoshoot! A white hot Stevie Nicks boho glam extravaganza with an “excessorized” statuesque redhead. #

check me out: wishes do come true

So I had my birthday on Saturday.
I would like to tell you that it was a badass Chicago blowout where over a hundred people sang me the Happy Birthday song and I danced my face off with some of my closest friends for 12 hours… Well, slap my ass, I did enjoy telling you that because it really happened, but it wasn’t my birthday party. Congratulations to my dear friends Andrea (of Forkable-the food blog equivalent of Painfully Hip) and Ira (of Being Totally Sweet in Chicago – the best Chicago blog in the webosphere) on their funky, sweaty, no holds barred, beauteous wedding!

But you know what else happened? I had honed in on this shifty 60s summer number (a murderous vintage confection of crisp-as-a-freshly-starched-mens-shirt cotton, scalloped eyelet lace, bijou buttons, and thoughtfully placed darts) the day before my birthday whilst shopping at a high end vintage boutique (US#1) in Wicker Park with Rory, but had practically swallowed my own tongue gulping back a tear as I slowly backed away from its glorious perfection and $60 price tag. Instead I resorted to sneaky fitting room cellphone shots and the half-assed plan of a pathetic, blurry blog post about The One That Got Away.

mary quant for pennys

The tag reads, “Designed by Mary Quant for Penny’s.”
MARY fucking QUANT. She’s like the Andy Warhol of 60s fashion. She practically invented the 60s.
Eat your heart out, Alexander McQueen for Target.

Around midnight after a birthday nightcap, I was again considering blowing my internet bill money on something that I had convinced myself would be inexplicably magnetic to all forms of processed tomatoes. As I turned the corner to our gracious hosts’ guest room, there it was… lying there like a freshly printed $100 bill on the sidewalk, The Dress.
Thank you sweet Rory, and Jeebus too!
I even considered wearing it to the wedding next day because technically the bride’s dress wasn’t white, so why couldn’t mine be? I abstained.

mary quant for pennys
mary quant for Pennys
mary quant for pennys

When I returned from Chicago and got together with my twin sister Eve for our belated birthday dinner and she unceremoniously handed me these pristine vintage mary jane ankle booties in the most amazing goldy green color of peachfuzz suede, I nearly shed a tear.
The best part is that my boyfriend had actually managed to talk the price of the frock down to about $30 (so proud! sniff!) and the shoes were scored at a thrift store for $2!! Coral beaded earrings were $3 at Target and the metallic wrap bracelet (belt) is from Thunderhorse Vintage and is available here.

So, kids? Just promise me you’ll never stop hoping.

Best birthday ever.

Again, apologies for the photo quality, I should have some form of functional camera sometime next week.

Oh and make sure you check out the Crossroads Trading Company Fashion Photography Contest! Vote for my PHDC Summer at the Ranch photos and I will continue loving you forever.

The Most Painfully Hip Site of the Week: Just Bu It

I should really rename this feature the most Painfully Hip Site of Every 6-8 months because with its not very often that a fashion blog inspires me quite as much as freaking Annabu of Just Bu It.
For. Serious.
high waisted flared jeans2494963591
ausschnitt66280096931goldie2pupsyellow lace vintage top

J’adore her unexpected color combos, clunky shoes and sporty details. So good.

We are headed back home from Chicago (aka 100% pure love) tomorrow where I’m going to attempt to coordinate three Painfully Hip Design Collective photoshoots in the 3.5 weeks we have left before we leave on our epic thrifting roadtrip. Woohoo!

Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2009-05-24

  • Brooklyn totally wins. #
  • i need a vacay from my vacay. i feel like NYC steamrolled my brain. in a good way. #
  • Just met Christian Siriano of Project Runway fame. Stunning collection, faboo shoes… he says Payless will be stocking them soon! #
  • Coming back to Chicago feels like coming home. Love this city. #
  • A few hours after landing in Chicago, the bf successfully tackled a fleeing purse-snatcher. HAWT. #
  • Its my birthday!! Drinking an epic bloody mary in Chicago and heading to a wedding. Maybe i’ll sneak a candle onto the wedding cake. #

The Want this Weak: Christian Siriano, FF09

Diana and I were giddy with anticipation when we heard that Christian Siriano of Project Runway fame would be showing his Fall Collection at a chic cocktail party just in time for our very first blogger convergence. We arrived at the loft space via freight elevator and feasted our eyes on the gold, turquoise, and brown concoctions floating around the room on racks and statuesque models. It took us a great many pink drinks to get up the balls to talk to the pint-sized talent, who revealed that his sky-high footwear would be available at Payless soon! Can you say GLEE??








Christian complimented my little jacket-y thingy (one of those things I’ve had sitting in the back of my closet for ages and now can’t get enough of, see previous) and we were so excited to meet the stunning and endlessly sweet Karen of wheredidugetthat (who has a much more in-depth post here) and the lovely and hilarious Tamar of MTV’s Buzzworthy who apparently REALLY loves ponies. We also got to meet the gorgeous Justin Tranter, jewelry designer and lead singer of Semi-Precious Weapons.

Thanks so much to Christian and Lindsay Brown for the invite, we had a FABULOUS time.

check me out: if we could make it there, it wouldn’t be NYC

We’ve been having an amazing time here in New York City, despite our non-skilling of the transit systems… we’ve seen a lot of wicked stuff, but also missed our most coveted exploits (Mary Catherine’s play- UGH) because we are such newbs at the subway. Embarrassing. We’re finally starting to get the hang of it but of course, we’re leaving tomorrow. Le sighhhh….

The worst part is that our camera died a painful death the day we arrived so all I’ve gotten of outfit photos is some blurry iPhone action (which is a huge relief thanks to Sue and Stu!).

Anyway, here is my day to evening transition.
Deep V Tee – $22 American Apparel, Upper West Side (first outfit) This is the only AA piece I’ve every owned or plan on owning… it just looked so… cozy.
Black open front blouse/jacket-y thingy with amazing gold cord crochet shoulder details – vintage, $8 (part of a mini dress set)
Black tank – thrifted. $1
high-waisted skinny pants – thrifted, $1
t-strap wedge sandals – TJMaxx, $20
Brass fish necklace – a gift from Thunderhorse Vintage

Quicky post! We’re off to breaky with the even more adorable in person Mary Catherine and her sweet hubby Marshall. Later to the Christian Siriano Fall Fashion Show!!!!! EEEEEEH!

Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2009-05-17

  • Heading to New York 15-20… Anybody know where the party at? #
  • Just watched Last Tango in Paris. Stunning film. The female lead has amazing style. My new main influence for my fall persona. #
  • Anyone know a good resource for art film screenshots? #
  • ‘Midnight flight to New York’ just doesn’t have quite the same ring as ‘Midnight Train to Georgia.’ #
  • Just ingested the most mind-blowing lox bagel of my life. #
  • Orgasmic peking duck and dim sum with unlimited complimentary wine! I heart NY. #
  • About to hit NY fueled on a snack pack of Doritos and about 2O min of sleep. Woo! #
  • If it wasn’t for the creepy colour and texture, blood sausage might be delicious, i’m not really sure. #

public nudity and other acceptable behavior

being the blue-eyed, dark-haired pasty girl that i am, the whole nude thing (yes, i mean nude-toned clothing, you pervs!) has never been that attractive to me.  i find that it either, a) washes me out even more, or b) gives me the appearance of  having applied a dollar-store brand self-tanner in the shape of an outfit.  neither of these are high on my list of “looks i’m going for.”  

so things that we’re not allowed in my closet were as follows:  nudes.  and then somehow that started leaking into the “whites, off-whites, creams, tans, pale pink and light brown” categories as well.

call me closed-minded.  that’s ok.  

then, back in the good old days of january or february, i stumbled across this picture of the incredibly gorgeous nikki, of flair to remember:


that is a pretty sweet outfit going on right there, consisting of some colors i do believe i’ve banned from my life!

and then, wait!  what’s this perfection?  it’s peachy, but…  it could also almost pass as a nude!  and i’m coveting it?  what’s happening?! 



yes, i know she’s tanned and gorgeous, but my pasty-ass has decided that it wants in on some of this action.   so i went to saver’s with the intention of finding myself something nude-ish, but still well within the comfort of my safety zone.

i procured a pair of 80’s peach-colored wedges.  i slapped on a very conservative layer of self-tanner, (not the dollar-store brand,) and i wore them in public.  and i can assure you with my Most Serious Face that these peach wedges have not left my tootsies in well over a week.  

thus begins the saga of my obsessive patrolling of All Things Nude on the internet.
wait.  that came out very wrong.

would you like some more inspirational photos?  (really, i mean, who doesn’t?)



you know what i call that?  i call that “wow.”  (she, however, prefers to go by the moniker dear golden, and her fantastic etsy shop is packed full of the most amazing pieces, many of which fall into the “pale hues diana previously avoided” category.  this will be the first etsy shop i buy out entirely when i win the lottery tomorrow.)

so in a wild attempt to be a fun-loving, free-spirited and open-minded human being, i went out last weekend in, (get ready!) pure white and pale, pale pink.  and maybe a pair of nude wedges were thrown in there…  the over-all response?  two enthusiastic thumbs up.  i was even challenged to a dance-off by a very cute boy at my favorite bar.
i would share the photographic proof, but someone (ahem…  you know who you are…) failed to clue me in on the fact that white skirts require a slip.

question:  ladies!  what have we learned today?

answer:  approach life with an open mind – you just might be missing out on a whole lot of really great nudity.  (or at the very least an invitation to a dance-off or two…)  

Ghetto Beauty: Tips and Tricks for Chic Cheapies

Over the years I’ve learned a few beauty tricks that don’t necessarily come from Sephora. Your wallet (and your boyfriend) will thank me.

Cheap as free:

Vitamin E capsules.
Take one, poke a hole in it with a stick pin and glide it onto chapped lips. Not only is it soothing, but you’ll look as though you’re right and ready to be kissed. Smooth it onto bruises as well and they’ll be gone in half the time!

Egg yolk.
Ah, the great skin equalizer. Don’t you hate it when your skin gets all schizo on you with dry patches and acne? Its a little messy and slimy, but one week of egg yolk on yo’ face before bed will fix you right up. No kidding.

Having a greasy hair day? Take a teaspoonful (or more if your hair is thick/long), rub it in your hands and comb through your hair. It removes excess oil and gives fine hair body and holding power. For serious!! Best hair product ever and at about $2 per pound, it’s the cheapest too. If you are a brunette you’ll want to be careful not to use too much or you’ll end up looking grey. At some drug stores you can sometimes find a spray-on version called “dry shampoo” in all colors of the hair rainbow for about $5.

More of a health than a beauty tip, this carbonated fermented tea makes me feel healthy and full of energy. Another quirk? It totally helps prevent yeast infections if used on a regular basis. Although undeniably gross, brewing it yourself is ridiculously easy – if you have a friend who brews it, its almost certain they’ll have an extra SCOBY on hand.

NYC Browser.
This stuff RULES. For about $4 you get eyebrow color, tweezers and wax. Pretty much all you need for amazing brows, although I would highly recommend initially getting them shaped professionally. It makes ALL the difference.

Maybelline Lash Stiletto.
The packaging makes me giggle every time I reach for it (it’s in the shape of a stiletto heel) but there are even more reasons to give this a try: The brush is great for separation and pretty much does for you lashes what stilettos do for your legs.

Worth the dough:

Nippies Natural ($24).
I LOVE these things. I was born with a inert hatred of bras, especially when the straps show. These fix me up when wearing something white, slightly sheer or backless. They’re comfortable, washable, and barely there to give you endless styling options. Also touted as “paparazzi-proof” for when your girls are at attention and there is a powerful flash a-lurking.

Benetint Blush ($28).
Hungover? With this cheek and lip stain you’ll look like you just woke up in a dewy meadow after a mysterious fawn granted your wish to look 4 years younger. The color lasts all day and the bottle will last for months.

Kryolan High-Def Makeup ($21-48).
This stuff was invented by a theatrical makeup company for starlets who are suddenly faced with the daunting reality of High Def television. But this ain’t no pancake makeup! It feels light and breathable and stays put in dreaded humidity.

In other news, packing for New York and Chicago (including two semi-formal events, rain, heat, lots of walking, and a business meeting) in a carry-on bag is going to be a science that I’m pretty sure I’m going to need a bunsen burner for. Wish me luck! Expect photos of blogging soulmates we’re pretty sure were separated at birth, outfits in front of famous landmarks and our Moroccan-themed hotel, and our very own Mary Catherine in her authentic 30s costume for her Broadway play!

The Weakness this Week- Gladiator Booties

So despite the fact that gladiator sandals are as omnipresent as the Jonas Brothers, they still hold the unmatched power to give any thrifted sundress that “I care, but I DON’T care” je ne sais quois. At the same time? I’m TOTALLY over them. What is the next incarnation? GLADIATOR BOOTIES. Are they a boot or a sandal? We may never know, but I am officially obsessed.

Jeffrey Campbell Harris Bootie at Revolve $115
Jeffrey Campbell at Revolve $115

Bijux Shoes at Pixie Market $115
Bijux Shoes at Pixie Market $115
Mia Bootie at Revolve $215
Mia Bootie at Revolve $215

Oh so expensive! What to do??? Surprisingly, Lacadia at Cuffs managed to find a vintage pair that’s almost there (50% fashion-forward / 50% podiatrist-prescribed), which of course sold out instantaneously:

See Ya Later Gladiator at Cuffs $28
See Ya Later Gladiator at Cuffs $28

Well, at least I know they once existed. I am on a mission now. If our Painfully Hip Roadtrip doesn’t turn up a pair, then I will be forced to give up and start saving.