Ghetto Beauty: Tips and Tricks for Chic Cheapies

Over the years I’ve learned a few beauty tricks that don’t necessarily come from Sephora. Your wallet (and your boyfriend) will thank me.

Cheap as free:

Vitamin E capsules.
Take one, poke a hole in it with a stick pin and glide it onto chapped lips. Not only is it soothing, but you’ll look as though you’re right and ready to be kissed. Smooth it onto bruises as well and they’ll be gone in half the time!

Egg yolk.
Ah, the great skin equalizer. Don’t you hate it when your skin gets all schizo on you with dry patches and acne? Its a little messy and slimy, but one week of egg yolk on yo’ face before bed will fix you right up. No kidding.

Having a greasy hair day? Take a teaspoonful (or more if your hair is thick/long), rub it in your hands and comb through your hair. It removes excess oil and gives fine hair body and holding power. For serious!! Best hair product ever and at about $2 per pound, it’s the cheapest too. If you are a brunette you’ll want to be careful not to use too much or you’ll end up looking grey. At some drug stores you can sometimes find a spray-on version called “dry shampoo” in all colors of the hair rainbow for about $5.

More of a health than a beauty tip, this carbonated fermented tea makes me feel healthy and full of energy. Another quirk? It totally helps prevent yeast infections if used on a regular basis. Although undeniably gross, brewing it yourself is ridiculously easy – if you have a friend who brews it, its almost certain they’ll have an extra SCOBY on hand.

NYC Browser.
This stuff RULES. For about $4 you get eyebrow color, tweezers and wax. Pretty much all you need for amazing brows, although I would highly recommend initially getting them shaped professionally. It makes ALL the difference.

Maybelline Lash Stiletto.
The packaging makes me giggle every time I reach for it (it’s in the shape of a stiletto heel) but there are even more reasons to give this a try: The brush is great for separation and pretty much does for you lashes what stilettos do for your legs.

Worth the dough:

Nippies Natural ($24).
I LOVE these things. I was born with a inert hatred of bras, especially when the straps show. These fix me up when wearing something white, slightly sheer or backless. They’re comfortable, washable, and barely there to give you endless styling options. Also touted as “paparazzi-proof” for when your girls are at attention and there is a powerful flash a-lurking.

Benetint Blush ($28).
Hungover? With this cheek and lip stain you’ll look like you just woke up in a dewy meadow after a mysterious fawn granted your wish to look 4 years younger. The color lasts all day and the bottle will last for months.

Kryolan High-Def Makeup ($21-48).
This stuff was invented by a theatrical makeup company for starlets who are suddenly faced with the daunting reality of High Def television. But this ain’t no pancake makeup! It feels light and breathable and stays put in dreaded humidity.

In other news, packing for New York and Chicago (including two semi-formal events, rain, heat, lots of walking, and a business meeting) in a carry-on bag is going to be a science that I’m pretty sure I’m going to need a bunsen burner for. Wish me luck! Expect photos of blogging soulmates we’re pretty sure were separated at birth, outfits in front of famous landmarks and our Moroccan-themed hotel, and our very own Mary Catherine in her authentic 30s costume for her Broadway play!