public nudity and other acceptable behavior

public nudity and other acceptable behavior

being the blue-eyed, dark-haired pasty girl that i am, the whole nude thing (yes, i mean nude-toned clothing, you pervs!) has never been that attractive to me.  i find that it either, a) washes me out even more, or b) gives me the appearance of  having applied a dollar-store brand self-tanner in the shape of an outfit.  neither of these are high on my list of “looks i’m going for.”  

so things that we’re not allowed in my closet were as follows:  nudes.  and then somehow that started leaking into the “whites, off-whites, creams, tans, pale pink and light brown” categories as well.

call me closed-minded.  that’s ok.  

then, back in the good old days of january or february, i stumbled across this picture of the incredibly gorgeous nikki, of flair to remember:


that is a pretty sweet outfit going on right there, consisting of some colors i do believe i’ve banned from my life!

and then, wait!  what’s this perfection?  it’s peachy, but…  it could also almost pass as a nude!  and i’m coveting it?  what’s happening?! 



yes, i know she’s tanned and gorgeous, but my pasty-ass has decided that it wants in on some of this action.   so i went to saver’s with the intention of finding myself something nude-ish, but still well within the comfort of my safety zone.

i procured a pair of 80′s peach-colored wedges.  i slapped on a very conservative layer of self-tanner, (not the dollar-store brand,) and i wore them in public.  and i can assure you with my Most Serious Face that these peach wedges have not left my tootsies in well over a week.  

thus begins the saga of my obsessive patrolling of All Things Nude on the internet.
wait.  that came out very wrong.

would you like some more inspirational photos?  (really, i mean, who doesn’t?)



you know what i call that?  i call that “wow.”  (she, however, prefers to go by the moniker dear golden, and her fantastic etsy shop is packed full of the most amazing pieces, many of which fall into the “pale hues diana previously avoided” category.  this will be the first etsy shop i buy out entirely when i win the lottery tomorrow.)

so in a wild attempt to be a fun-loving, free-spirited and open-minded human being, i went out last weekend in, (get ready!) pure white and pale, pale pink.  and maybe a pair of nude wedges were thrown in there…  the over-all response?  two enthusiastic thumbs up.  i was even challenged to a dance-off by a very cute boy at my favorite bar.
i would share the photographic proof, but someone (ahem…  you know who you are…) failed to clue me in on the fact that white skirts require a slip.

question:  ladies!  what have we learned today?

answer:  approach life with an open mind – you just might be missing out on a whole lot of really great nudity.  (or at the very least an invitation to a dance-off or two…)  

7 comments to public nudity and other acceptable behavior

  • POst a photo! Would love to see how you invited nude into your life. :D

  • Unfortunately, some of us must dispense with the self-tanner. Every time I’ve ever used it I’ve ended up looking orange or tiger-striped, or like I just got back from rolling around in red Georgia clay-dust. :S

    But as long as it’s not the EXACT color of my skin, I wear it. I wore David Bridal’s “pearl pink” in a wedding recently, and I was the only bridesmaid who didn’t bake herself for a few weeks beforehand. I honestly thought it made me look dewy and glowing, not to be too smug. :P

  • meream -i promise i will post a “nudie” photo SOON! – just not the one where my BRIGHT RED UNDIES are glowing through my skirt :)

    theraisengirl – be smug! KNOWING you look great in something is a fantastic feeling. (and the pale pink paired with pale skin? that’s my favorite combo, i’m discovering! work it!
    ps. – i had the same streaking/orange problems – then i discovered this ritual: exfoliate REALLY REALLY well pre-tan. put on a regular moisturizer, dry off completely, and then put on a VERY light layer of self tanner. work it in (in circular motions) until you think your hands are going to fall off. walk around barefoot and nekkid for at least 10 minutes, and DON’T re-apply for at least 4 days. (i’ve found that trying to “build up” the tan just results in boys asking “whoa… do you have a skin problem?” and girls snickering behind my back. one application is enough to look like you’ve got a nice, healthy, non-cancerous glow anyway!)

    diana’s last blog post..and this day will go down as the most beautiful day of the year…

  • that’s something i’d totally wear. Dear Golden does have a great wardrobe, thanks for sharing this.

    i didn’t realise that i shouldn’t be buying nudie stuff until my sil told me why i should stop. but a dear friend told me i don’t have to stop and her reason’s music to my ears: i have the face to pull it off. lol. bless her. well, i still can’t stop buying nudie stuff. what i do is wear other items in contrasting colours, e.g. grey leggings with a nude dress. but for nude shoes, i tend to wear lighter colours for the clothes.

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  • I keep seeing grey paint. It must be the new colour for walls!

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