The Want this Weak: Christian Siriano, FF09

Diana and I were giddy with anticipation when we heard that Christian Siriano of Project Runway fame would be showing his Fall Collection at a chic cocktail party just in time for our very first blogger convergence. We arrived at the loft space via freight elevator and feasted our eyes on the gold, turquoise, and brown concoctions floating around the room on racks and statuesque models. It took us a great many pink drinks to get up the balls to talk to the pint-sized talent, who revealed that his sky-high footwear would be available at Payless soon! Can you say GLEE??








Christian complimented my little jacket-y thingy (one of those things I’ve had sitting in the back of my closet for ages and now can’t get enough of, see previous) and we were so excited to meet the stunning and endlessly sweet Karen of wheredidugetthat (who has a much more in-depth post here) and the lovely and hilarious Tamar of MTV’s Buzzworthy who apparently REALLY loves ponies. We also got to meet the gorgeous Justin Tranter, jewelry designer and lead singer of Semi-Precious Weapons.

Thanks so much to Christian and Lindsay Brown for the invite, we had a FABULOUS time.