3-2-1… LAUNCH! The Painfully Hip Roadtrip Begins!

3-2-1… LAUNCH! The Painfully Hip Roadtrip Begins!

As Diana loads up the car in Tucson, Rory and I are packing a smidgeon of clothing and heading to San Francisco. Packing 3 weeks into 2.5 square feet of suitcase is quite the feat. Good thing these particular 3 weeks will require minimal clothing on account of maximum heat (30% of my suitcase is swimwear). This is the only kind of math I’m good at. Dressing today will be equally scientific – we’ll be spending the day in San Francisco’s 65 degrees and then hopping a plane into the depths of Phoenix’s 108 degrees. I am having a difficult time wrapping my brain around that one.

All menial tasks aside, we are nothing less than GIDDY to hit the dusty trail. First up, a night out with one of my favorite sponsors, Jasmine of the most excellent Billie Goat Vintage! Then tomorrow she will be schooling us in the fine art of Phoenix thrifting. Blessed are we!

So here we go! We will be posting as often as we can find wifi and oh the things we have planned. Thanks again to all our soon-to-be hosts! We can’t wait to meetcha!!


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