painfully hip road trip lite – the low-cal edition

ok lovelies, after much calendar-shuffling, mileage calculating and long (but fun!) hours of plotting, we are finally ready to unveil the almost-entirely-final-draft of the Painfully Hip Road Trip itinerary!
things got tricky – with a new baby making a grand entrance sometime at the end of july, (which requires aunt amber to be available bed-side in sacramento the minute eve says, “it’s time!”) we decided that the safest – and sanest – thing to do was stay within a somewhat reasonable driving distance. this meant we unfortunately had to cut back on a few of our eastern-most destinations. the next step was to shuffle the route around a bit, to bring us back to california a little sooner than we’d originally planned. no sad faces though! we’re crafty with our planning, and we’ve still managed to fit in a fantastical amount of awesomeness. (read: figured out a way to inflict our unrelenting thirst for thrift on as many of your towns as possible.)

so, without further ado, i now present Road Trip Lite!


* Phoenix, AZ – June 25, 26
* Sedona, AZ (and the surrounding Prescott/Flagstaff area) – June 26, 27, 28
* Santa Fe, NM – June 30
* Amarillo, TX – July 2
* Fayetteville, AR – July 4,5
* Austin, TX – July 7,8,
* Corpus Christi, TX – July 9
* El Paso, TX – July 11
* Tucson, AZ – July 12, 13
* San Diego, CA – July 15
* Los Angeles, CA – July 17
* Sacramento, CA – July 18
* Fresno, CA – July 20

you guys have been amazing, and we’re beyond honored by all of the secret thrifting spots we’ve been let in on, couches we’ve been offered, home-cooked meals we’ve been emailed about and the over-all insanely warm and enthusiastic response we’ve received from everyone. we promise we will try our hardest not to disappoint, with our stories from the road!

we’re also going to try our hardest to stick to the itinerary above so as not to disrupt the dates of the thrift-swaps that are in the works. (and a heads-up to anyone who left a comment about a swap but hasn’t heard from us yet – start checkin’ yer email! one’s a-comin!)
however, things might change just a little bit here and there, as we actually discover just how many miles we can handle in a car per day.

so, there you have it, in all its glory!
keep your peepers tilted in this direction as far as updates on swaps and other fun activities involving us meeting you and all of us being silly together.

keep the thrift tips flowing – as well as any other hints regarding fantastic attractions the above mentioned towns might be harboring! (there is an actual contest still going on, in case you might have forgotten! and don’t worry – we’re keeping very good records of who sent us where!)

and one final note, because short-and-sweet has never been my forte –
if you live in santa fe, amarillo or austin and are tickled by the thought of hosting a thrift swap or three thrilling-and-entirely-trustworthy individuals on our way through, then by all means, email me! hell, if you’re in any of the cities we’ve listed, let us know! (it’s good to have options, right?)
ok mom, stop reading, because i am now going to publicly display my email address to the entire internet population –
hello stalkers!!

Wooo! Amber here!
Diana and I keep arguing over who is more excited!
My final note: If there are any aspiring models, hair and makeup artists, or photographers at any of our stops who would like to work with a couple of damn fine wardrobe stylists, let us know and we’ll see what we can’t work out! Our wardrobe will of course be limited to what we have with us on the road, but with all these thrift tips, we should be drowning in hipness in no time.

Can’t wait to meetcha!

EDIT: I almost forgot to tell you! The photo I took above was chosen as a FINALIST in the Crossroads Trading Company Fashion Photography Contest! YAY!!!


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