the most painfully hip site of the week: tiny’s world

Bloggers, you know you do it. You get an especially insightful/gushy comment and immediately click their blog link to hone in on just how much weight is behind said opinion. On one such electro-excursion, I unearthed this meekly named site called tiny’s world

flapper fashion illustrationsmoking girl fashion illustrationfashion illustration

Kaboom! Ocular Orgasm. Her site is like a Pandora station for my eyes. So besides being knocked down by this site’s tail feathers, I also felt slightly more legit.

hip fashion illustration


Tiny’s World is the blog of a french illustrator named Julie Nivert.
Her illustrations remind me of a more geometric version of another Painfully Hip Site of the Week, The Moldy Doily by Kime Buzzelli.- a beautiful mingling of decisive, yet deliciously sketchy form and abstraction with an undeniable undercurrent of her profound grasp on the Hip.

sweater dress illustration futuristic fashion illustration
h and m jacket illustration

She also posts her inspiration for these sublime mouthfuls of beauty – the most drop dead collection of photography that has ever graced my glance. A more exact interpretation of my taste in every frame than even I could collect on my own.


See more here:


karen elson hat

inspired by jean seberg



Thank you, Julie Nivert, for making the internet a more magical creature. I present your badge of honor, a likeness of the incorrigible Louis Brooks:

louise brooks