Month: July 2009

A Wowza Kind of Week

Well then.
Brave and strong through a ghastly 11 hour labor, my lovely twin sister Eve had her baby early monday morning! He is 7.2 lbs of perfect, pink patootie. He’s lanky and long, fit to be fattened. He also boasts the scream of a thousand banshees. Impressive.

And yes, I’m totally That Aunt who is about to hit you up with a ton of photos of a baby you don’t know just because he TOTALLY KILLS. Give me a break, I’m drunk on New Baby Smell.
Here his is in Baby’s First Photoshoot, Ennio.


I think I’m in love.
A Lucky Kid. Here’s his room:


Well that happened…

Then the next day, tragically, I’m suddenly looking for a new place to live… Long story.

So I think my old friend, the road, is calling again. This time? A drive up The Five to my ol’ stomping grounds in Vancouver, via Portland, with one of my best friends in the USA to visit my other best friend in Canada. Glee! Thanks, Josh, for trading in your plane ticket for a roadtrip!

We’re leaving Saturday morning!

So, if any lovely canadian photographers or models in Vancouver would like to rock a vintage photo shoot, email me at I’ll be in The City of Glass until Aug 9th.

(re)-living the dream – highlights of the painfully hip road trip

after depositing amber and rory in their sacramento homeland, i embarked on the pilgrimage back towards my own home. (there we’re a few stops at humble shelters along the way. a pilgrim’s gotta rest up, you know?! and besides, have you ever known a pilgrim to say “no thanks” to a booze-cruise?)
you’re starting to make me think you know nothing about pilgrims…

i arrived at the casa de los diana late friday night, and after spending a month (um, please go back and re-read that. a full month!) on the road, i’m feeling a bit lost in the immenseness that is my home. what’s a pilgrim to do? well, this pilgrim has confined herself to her bed (which is only slightly larger than the car the three of us were living out of,) where i’ve been fervently clicking through the 5000-something road trip photos i’ve clogged iphoto to an almost entirely inoperative level with. (portable external hard-drives be damned! my macbook is the Master of Disaster, and the Master of Disaster – much like a pilgrim – never says no to accepting 327 new 15-megapixel photos from it’s best friend, the G10.)


a pilgrim-suitable beach-front humble abode

unlike amber, who shows grace and restraint with a minimalistic writing style that always leaves you itching for more, i have absolutely no verbal self-control. my name is diana, and i’m a text addict. (is that an over-share?)
so i will continue:

tucson being my homeland, i would have considered that stop along the trip to be a grade-a success even if it had been 115 degrees outside and my car broke down, leaving us stranded within it’s city walls for an extra day and a half longer than scheduled. (oh wait. that did happen.)

however, the real tucson highlight for me (and i’m pretty sure for amber too,) was the preen party, (thank you emilie and erin!!!) and getting to meet this stunning beauty:

(no, not amber.  we already KNOW she’s hot.  i’m talking about wendy, on the left.)

so who is that beautiful bronzed goddess?
that’s wendy. she lives in tucson, works for the arizona opera, has impeccable taste – and i’ll stop before i divulge too much of her personal information. (sorry wendy!)

she arrived at preen and graciously told us that she’s a huge fan of painfully hip.
i’m not sure i’ve ever had a fan before. it’s pretty awesome. if you don’t have one, i highly suggest getting yourself one as soon as possible.

(and for the record, the fan-ness is totally reciprocal. amber and i are both officially fans of wendy.)

ps. – if you’re reading this wendy, i can’t wait to go thrifting together!!

pps. i’m still in the process of updating the other road trip blog with trip shenanigans, so if you like reading posts that go into way more detail than necessary and looking at a lot of (hopefully) tastefully-clothed painfully hip road-trippers doing ridiculous things, feel free to stop by.  but don’t say i didn’t warn you about the word-count…

Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2009-07-26

  • Oooh! Pretty 60s swing dress @marketpublique ending soon! I bid my first born. #
  • Check out my new look "My bike got the memo." on #
  • Need some musicians and DJs for my fashion show. #
  • the N Street Cafe is my new office. #
  • planning a one week mini roadtrip – styling an on-location shoot in SF, a studio shoot in Silicon Valley and modeling on the coast! #

Bike Chic from Let’s Go Ride a Bike

Everyone should know that bicycles are the most efficient, perfect pieces of machinery ever invented. Lets Go Ride a Bike is a great Chicago city cycling blog who recently featured my bike photo in their Bicycle Beauty post. There were so many good photos, I just couldn’t resist re-posting my faves. Just look at these girls! I’m ODing on glee!

I get a lot of comments/questions about proper attire for riding bikes. My advice? Get real good at riding and wear pretty much anything you want! I wear some really stupid stuff on my bike (for serious – can you say leather shorts? 4 inch wedges? pencil skirts? Ok ok, I was cheating with that last one, mine unbuttons down the front).

My point is, just RIDE YOUR BIKE! It really is the only way to get around these days.

Chicks and Bikes
Chicks and Bikes
Cherry Blossom Girl
Cherry Blossom Girl

The Sartorialist
The Sartorialist



Busting out! Painfully Hip hearts Bust Magazine

What a thrill!

Jenny Lewis Bust Magazine

I’ve always adored Bust Magazine‘s audacious feminine pride, fantastic taste in music, support of small businesses and scathing exposés.
Today, Bust featured us in their fan newsletter! I am beside myself. A hearty welcome to Bust’s subscribers! Stick around and/or come back because, frankly? Any friend of Bust’s is a friend of ours.

Picture 5

There are other things I’m incredibly excited about today as well… but its a surprise! I’ll keep y’all updated as things progress.

Thanks again, BUST!

check me out: attempting to upstage my bike

Sometimes it gets quite daunting, owning a bike as sweet as mine. How is anyone going to notice me when I have this sex to compete with?:

klein quantum road bike
klein quantum roadbike

Well, if you can’t beat em, join em.

Going for an updated Edie Sedgwick look, I matched my bike’s austere white and blue frame with this stripey number I scored when Diana and I did a closet/suitcase swap when I was visiting her in Tucson. In fact, I scored this entire outfit from her (bored with your wardrobe? see if you can’t convince your most stylish friend to do an impromptu closet swap)! She thrifted it all. I got the sunglasses (which, come to think of it, totally match my leather saddle) in Chicago. The gladiator booties are actually 90s pixie boots with the tongue folded inside. They’re not exactly like my covet of the week, but for something vintage, I never thought I’d come this close!

Yes, I actually went biking in this – I had some bike shorts bunched up under the dress… Pull them down, et voila, the perfect biking outfit.


Painfully Him: The Mansie

A menswear post from the hilarious Rory of Awesome All Day.

Dudes are afraid of looking fancy. It’s not our fault, we just don’t have many options. We’ve been stuck in t shirt/button-up/polo prison since the jerks who ended the renaissance got rid of pantaloons.

Historically, ladies have caught all the breaks: dresses, the unitard, the jumpsuit and my personal favorite, the “onesie.” What’s easier than having a whole outfit in one simple piece of apparel?! Us guys haven’t had it that good since we were wee babies.

That’s why I think it’s time for a paradigm shift in men’s fashion and a restructuring of the way we ponder casual, formal, and work wear. A romper inspired by women’s fashion, but cut for the brawny heroic proportions of a man. A timeless garment that leaves the entire known stratosphere of the onesie behind. I give you: THE MANSIE.


I picked up this couture revolution up at a little thrift store outside of Tucson AZ, and have warn it almost exclusively since. It’s made up of space age sweat-inducing polyester that really helps me feel the burn when I engage in manly endeavors.


I’ve never owned an outfit that allows me such stress-free sartorial decision-making. I don’t have to spend hours trying to match my t shirts to my jeans anymore!

Note the accents: A built in belt for the snug form-fitting appeal, six different pockets to store my tools/candy/plastic gloves in, and nautically-inspired racing stripes! I’ve never felt so masculine, and yet so fashion-forward.


In fact, much like the elegant dive of the North American Bald Eagle, I don’t think it can be truly understood unless seen in action.

Preen Anniversary Party in Tucson, AZ

Finally! The photos from the Preen Vintage party in Tucson (please do check out their blog).
Thank you to our brilliant photographer, Ryan Mihalyi. (Please be sure to check out his amazing flickr).

Amber, Diana, and co-owner Emily
Amber, Diana, and co-owner Emily
Singer/Songwriter/Ukulady, Michelle Blades
Singer/Songwriter/Ukulady, Michelle Blades
Steff Koeppen - Singer/Songwriter/Talent, Personified
Steff Koeppen - Singer/Songwriter/Talent, Personified
Diana and her brother, Asher Deaver - singer/songwriter/boy-shaped cuteness
Diana and her brother, Asher Deaver - singer/songwriter/boy-shaped cuteness
Asher Deaver
Asher Deaver
Lovely Diana in her thrifted backless frock
Lovely Diana in her thrifted backless frock
Roadtrip friends forever!
Roadtrip friends forever!
Me in my new Preen dress constructed by Emily
Me in my new Preen dress constructed by Emily

And some extremely fashionable guests:

I will always remember this lovely girl as the spitting image of PJ Harvey
I will always remember this lovely girl as the spitting image of PJ Harvey





See more from this event on Ryan’s site!

Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2009-07-19

  • I'm giddy! my favorite blog, hands down, just randomly asked me to be a contributor! Teehee! #
  • One Hundred and Fourteen Degrees. Tucson, why are you in the desert? #
  • check engine light?! just when I was craving some more roadtripping action. to be continued… #
  • Saw Dog Bounty Hunter at Disneyland today. That just upped the surrealist quotient of this road trip by at least 40%. #

Painfully Hip Roadtrip: a synopsis of our recent frolics / reassuring readers we are not dead.

It is truly devastating the amount of content and photos that are piling up to present to you, but at the moment some technical difficulties are preventing such things. But in case you are curiouser and curiouser, here is a synopsis and a few links to tide you over until we clear our hard drives / find camera cords / recieve edited photos from talented photographers.

—> We had superior party times in Austin! It was our hottest stop yet, so we had a swim in beautiful Barton Springs which was about 500 feet from our gorgeous digs, courtesy of our generous host, Cary. Then we went vintage shopping, checked out a pile of junk cleverly shaped into a wicked 3 story cathedral, ate a crate full of oak smoked meat at Rudy’s Country Store & BBQ, drank the most delicious mojitos in the history of alcohol at a Cuban bar with a huge automatic velvet curtain “door,” and then proceeded to get beaten brutally and squarely at every bar game that ever existed by Cary, who totally sharked us by telling us that it was her first time playing shuffleboard.

—> After a shockingly hypnotic 4 hour drive to Corpus Christi, TX we were met by the most adorable couple: our hosts Krystal and Christopher and their tiny menagerie a wee terrier/chihuahua mix named Lily and the most cuddly lil lovebird, Dino. That night they treated us to an insanely decadent 5 course meal (6 for Rory– two desserts!) with wine pairings at their lovely restaurant CafeAeby, where Chris is the chef and Krystal manages. And yes, they’re as precious as they sound!
krystal and chris

Krystal then introduced us to the Produce boys – a talented and driven collective of young hipsters pretty much shaping the Corpus Christi scene exactly to their liking. They lent us their brilliant photographer, Sharat, for an intense photo shoot at their soon-to-be-opened gallery space and then treated us to a jaw-dropping 6 course sushi dinner at their hip-as-shit restaurant SushiBar. Corpus Christi made Rory and I feel like we’d died and gone to heaven (while alas, our poor dear, unlucky Diana suffered through an awful bout of food poisoning acquired at a dodgy roadside TexMex joint in Oklahoma for the entire two nights we were there).

They also lent us the gorgeous blonde Chelsea for our shoot.
They also lent us the gorgeous blonde Chelsea for our shoot.

—> Upon recovery from unrelenting nausea, Diana was chipper and ready for some driving, approximately 14 hours of driving from Corpus Christi to Tucson in one day (with only a single stop in El Paso for some swoon-worthy thin crust pizza – I know its not the regional cuisine, but we were sick of, and in Diana’s case sick from texmex). She decided beyond all reason to tackle it all by her lonesome. Who knew we were dealing with a badass 98 lb trucker??

—> Diana and I went thrifting at a Savers just outside Tucson…. and spent at total of $400. ‘Nuff said?

—> The party at Preen? WAS AWESOME. The people were so sweet, the vintage was to-die-for and the music was supernal. We had met an unusually talented photographer named Ryan Mihalyi at a Tucson bar the night before when Emily (the beautiful and multitalented owner of Preen) and Diana showed us their hometown. To our amazement, Ryan agreed to document the event for us! I am already giddy over the teaser photos.

Erin, co-owner of Preen
Erin, co-owner of Preen

Beautiful Emily, co-owner of Preen made this dress and now it is mine!
Me in a dress made by Emily, co-owner of Preen! Now it is mine!!

—>After a short delay from a false “check engine” light alarm, we are off to Southern California today! We plan to do some more vintage shopping (as we scrape the dregs of our bank accounts) and perhaps have a frolic about Disneyland.

Thanks so much for reading! Our roadtrip is, ever-so-sadly almost at an end, but the posts will still be coming in full force. Not only have we been overwhelmed by the sweet vistas and sweeter people we have encountered, we have become more sartorially inspired by this trip, and our wardrobes will never be the same again. We can’t wait to show you more outfit posts, thrifting tips and photo shoots in the coming weeks!