A Wowza Kind of Week

Well then.
Brave and strong through a ghastly 11 hour labor, my lovely twin sister Eve had her baby early monday morning! He is 7.2 lbs of perfect, pink patootie. He’s lanky and long, fit to be fattened. He also boasts the scream of a thousand banshees. Impressive.

And yes, I’m totally That Aunt who is about to hit you up with a ton of photos of a baby you don’t know just because he TOTALLY KILLS. Give me a break, I’m drunk on New Baby Smell.
Here his is in Baby’s First Photoshoot, Ennio.


I think I’m in love.
A Lucky Kid. Here’s his room:


Well that happened…

Then the next day, tragically, I’m suddenly looking for a new place to live… Long story.

So I think my old friend, the road, is calling again. This time? A drive up The Five to my ol’ stomping grounds in Vancouver, via Portland, with one of my best friends in the USA to visit my other best friend in Canada. Glee! Thanks, Josh, for trading in your plane ticket for a roadtrip!

We’re leaving Saturday morning!

So, if any lovely canadian photographers or models in Vancouver would like to rock a vintage photo shoot, email me at painfullyhip@gmail.com. I’ll be in The City of Glass until Aug 9th.