check me out: attempting to upstage my bike

Sometimes it gets quite daunting, owning a bike as sweet as mine. How is anyone going to notice me when I have this sex to compete with?:

klein quantum road bike
klein quantum roadbike

Well, if you can’t beat em, join em.

Going for an updated Edie Sedgwick look, I matched my bike’s austere white and blue frame with this stripey number I scored when Diana and I did a closet/suitcase swap when I was visiting her in Tucson. In fact, I scored this entire outfit from her (bored with your wardrobe? see if you can’t convince your most stylish friend to do an impromptu closet swap)! She thrifted it all. I got the sunglasses (which, come to think of it, totally match my leather saddle) in Chicago. The gladiator booties are actually 90s pixie boots with the tongue folded inside. They’re not exactly like my covet of the week, but for something vintage, I never thought I’d come this close!

Yes, I actually went biking in this – I had some bike shorts bunched up under the dress… Pull them down, et voila, the perfect biking outfit.