Painfully Him: The Mansie

A menswear post from the hilarious Rory of Awesome All Day.

Dudes are afraid of looking fancy. It’s not our fault, we just don’t have many options. We’ve been stuck in t shirt/button-up/polo prison since the jerks who ended the renaissance got rid of pantaloons.

Historically, ladies have caught all the breaks: dresses, the unitard, the jumpsuit and my personal favorite, the “onesie.” What’s easier than having a whole outfit in one simple piece of apparel?! Us guys haven’t had it that good since we were wee babies.

That’s why I think it’s time for a paradigm shift in men’s fashion and a restructuring of the way we ponder casual, formal, and work wear. A romper inspired by women’s fashion, but cut for the brawny heroic proportions of a man. A timeless garment that leaves the entire known stratosphere of the onesie behind. I give you: THE MANSIE.


I picked up this couture revolution up at a little thrift store outside of Tucson AZ, and have warn it almost exclusively since. It’s made up of space age sweat-inducing polyester that really helps me feel the burn when I engage in manly endeavors.


I’ve never owned an outfit that allows me such stress-free sartorial decision-making. I don’t have to spend hours trying to match my t shirts to my jeans anymore!

Note the accents: A built in belt for the snug form-fitting appeal, six different pockets to store my tools/candy/plastic gloves in, and nautically-inspired racing stripes! I’ve never felt so masculine, and yet so fashion-forward.


In fact, much like the elegant dive of the North American Bald Eagle, I don’t think it can be truly understood unless seen in action.