Painfully Hip Roadtrip: a synopsis of our recent frolics / reassuring readers we are not dead.

It is truly devastating the amount of content and photos that are piling up to present to you, but at the moment some technical difficulties are preventing such things. But in case you are curiouser and curiouser, here is a synopsis and a few links to tide you over until we clear our hard drives / find camera cords / recieve edited photos from talented photographers.

—> We had superior party times in Austin! It was our hottest stop yet, so we had a swim in beautiful Barton Springs which was about 500 feet from our gorgeous digs, courtesy of our generous host, Cary. Then we went vintage shopping, checked out a pile of junk cleverly shaped into a wicked 3 story cathedral, ate a crate full of oak smoked meat at Rudy’s Country Store & BBQ, drank the most delicious mojitos in the history of alcohol at a Cuban bar with a huge automatic velvet curtain “door,” and then proceeded to get beaten brutally and squarely at every bar game that ever existed by Cary, who totally sharked us by telling us that it was her first time playing shuffleboard.

—> After a shockingly hypnotic 4 hour drive to Corpus Christi, TX we were met by the most adorable couple: our hosts Krystal and Christopher and their tiny menagerie a wee terrier/chihuahua mix named Lily and the most cuddly lil lovebird, Dino. That night they treated us to an insanely decadent 5 course meal (6 for Rory– two desserts!) with wine pairings at their lovely restaurant CafeAeby, where Chris is the chef and Krystal manages. And yes, they’re as precious as they sound!
krystal and chris

Krystal then introduced us to the Produce boys – a talented and driven collective of young hipsters pretty much shaping the Corpus Christi scene exactly to their liking. They lent us their brilliant photographer, Sharat, for an intense photo shoot at their soon-to-be-opened gallery space and then treated us to a jaw-dropping 6 course sushi dinner at their hip-as-shit restaurant SushiBar. Corpus Christi made Rory and I feel like we’d died and gone to heaven (while alas, our poor dear, unlucky Diana suffered through an awful bout of food poisoning acquired at a dodgy roadside TexMex joint in Oklahoma for the entire two nights we were there).

They also lent us the gorgeous blonde Chelsea for our shoot.
They also lent us the gorgeous blonde Chelsea for our shoot.

—> Upon recovery from unrelenting nausea, Diana was chipper and ready for some driving, approximately 14 hours of driving from Corpus Christi to Tucson in one day (with only a single stop in El Paso for some swoon-worthy thin crust pizza – I know its not the regional cuisine, but we were sick of, and in Diana’s case sick from texmex). She decided beyond all reason to tackle it all by her lonesome. Who knew we were dealing with a badass 98 lb trucker??

—> Diana and I went thrifting at a Savers just outside Tucson…. and spent at total of $400. ‘Nuff said?

—> The party at Preen? WAS AWESOME. The people were so sweet, the vintage was to-die-for and the music was supernal. We had met an unusually talented photographer named Ryan Mihalyi at a Tucson bar the night before when Emily (the beautiful and multitalented owner of Preen) and Diana showed us their hometown. To our amazement, Ryan agreed to document the event for us! I am already giddy over the teaser photos.

Erin, co-owner of Preen
Erin, co-owner of Preen

Beautiful Emily, co-owner of Preen made this dress and now it is mine!
Me in a dress made by Emily, co-owner of Preen! Now it is mine!!

—>After a short delay from a false “check engine” light alarm, we are off to Southern California today! We plan to do some more vintage shopping (as we scrape the dregs of our bank accounts) and perhaps have a frolic about Disneyland.

Thanks so much for reading! Our roadtrip is, ever-so-sadly almost at an end, but the posts will still be coming in full force. Not only have we been overwhelmed by the sweet vistas and sweeter people we have encountered, we have become more sartorially inspired by this trip, and our wardrobes will never be the same again. We can’t wait to show you more outfit posts, thrifting tips and photo shoots in the coming weeks!