(re)-living the dream – highlights of the painfully hip road trip

after depositing amber and rory in their sacramento homeland, i embarked on the pilgrimage back towards my own home. (there we’re a few stops at humble shelters along the way. a pilgrim’s gotta rest up, you know?! and besides, have you ever known a pilgrim to say “no thanks” to a booze-cruise?)
you’re starting to make me think you know nothing about pilgrims…

i arrived at the casa de los diana late friday night, and after spending a month (um, please go back and re-read that. a full month!) on the road, i’m feeling a bit lost in the immenseness that is my home. what’s a pilgrim to do? well, this pilgrim has confined herself to her bed (which is only slightly larger than the car the three of us were living out of,) where i’ve been fervently clicking through the 5000-something road trip photos i’ve clogged iphoto to an almost entirely inoperative level with. (portable external hard-drives be damned! my macbook is the Master of Disaster, and the Master of Disaster – much like a pilgrim – never says no to accepting 327 new 15-megapixel photos from it’s best friend, the G10.)


a pilgrim-suitable beach-front humble abode

unlike amber, who shows grace and restraint with a minimalistic writing style that always leaves you itching for more, i have absolutely no verbal self-control. my name is diana, and i’m a text addict. (is that an over-share?)
so i will continue:

tucson being my homeland, i would have considered that stop along the trip to be a grade-a success even if it had been 115 degrees outside and my car broke down, leaving us stranded within it’s city walls for an extra day and a half longer than scheduled. (oh wait. that did happen.)

however, the real tucson highlight for me (and i’m pretty sure for amber too,) was the preen party, (thank you emilie and erin!!!) and getting to meet this stunning beauty:

(no, not amber.  we already KNOW she’s hot.  i’m talking about wendy, on the left.)

so who is that beautiful bronzed goddess?
that’s wendy. she lives in tucson, works for the arizona opera, has impeccable taste – and i’ll stop before i divulge too much of her personal information. (sorry wendy!)

she arrived at preen and graciously told us that she’s a huge fan of painfully hip.
i’m not sure i’ve ever had a fan before. it’s pretty awesome. if you don’t have one, i highly suggest getting yourself one as soon as possible.

(and for the record, the fan-ness is totally reciprocal. amber and i are both officially fans of wendy.)

ps. – if you’re reading this wendy, i can’t wait to go thrifting together!!

pps. i’m still in the process of updating the other road trip blog with trip shenanigans, so if you like reading posts that go into way more detail than necessary and looking at a lot of (hopefully) tastefully-clothed painfully hip road-trippers doing ridiculous things, feel free to stop by.  but don’t say i didn’t warn you about the word-count…