Month: August 2009

Painfully Hawt: Kate Moss and Some Gypsies for V Magazine

Rather a gypsy myself at the moment, I couldn’t resist posting this advance look at Kate Moss giving the recession mad street cred for V Magazine (hits newsstands tomorrow). It’s cool to be homeless once again, ladies and gents. Kate sampled the transient lifestyle and “lived” with the gypsies in Cornwall, England over the 2-day shoot.

I want to do this shoot. Biblically, that is.


Photographed by Iain McKell
Styling by Karen Langley
Kate wears Isabel Marant, Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony, Kenzo, John Galliano, Stefanel, Dsquared, and vintage.
Thank you to Austin Smedstad for the sneak peek.

Painfully Hip Un-Fail of the Day

Wow. Way to do casual with unforgettable aplomb.

via Alex Dom
via Alex Dom

Take THAT, defeat.

Thanks to all who came to my Painfully Hip “Stuff I Can’t Carry” Sale yesterday! I had a great time. It was so cool to meet you adorable readers. You guys make me so happy.

Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2009-08-30

  • feels like nothing's ever my idea. #
  • …in a good way. #
  • Just did one of the stupidest things I've ever attempted… with fabulous results. #
  • Followers! Make sure to follow @wellwornroad because soon we're getting that surgery that turns you into siamese twins. Attached at THE HIP. #
  • My Crossroads Ad- News & Review, the SF Bay Guardian, East Bay Express, LA/OC Weekly, SJ Metro, Seattle Stranger & Portland Mercury for Sept #
  • Painfully Hip Moving Sale / Parking Lot Party!! $5 vintage and BYOB! I'm moving next week so I wanna see your face! 22nd & 0 St. #
  • That would be Saturday at 11:30 until its all dun gone. #
  • NO NO NO!!! Proof there is no god: #
  • We're yard-saling! 22nd and O! I have tons o hip shit! Mens too! Goin fast. Get here! #

Painfully Hip Roadtrip in Corpus Christi: Pocketful of Posies

Ok ok, Diana! I’m on it! By some miracle I have a break between getting my bike fixed, packing, shipping a buttload of stuff at the post office, and an eye exam, to get these delightful bits of Produce to you before my going away soiree this night.

(BTW, if you are anywhere near Sacramento this weekend, I’m having a moving sale! Well, it is more of a “Stuff I Can’t Carry Sale,” since I’m moving via airplane. Starts at 11:30 on Saturday. More info here).

This shoot was a blast and a half. Thanks again to Krystal, Chris, Sharat, David and everyone from Produce, Cafe Aeby (so sad to see it close!) and Sushibar. They really rolled out the red carpet for us, and we are still reeling from their unwarranted hospitality to strangers (in fact, I sorta fear for their safety in a bad neighborhood).

chelsea wilkerson

Photographer: Sharat Camacho
Styling and direction: Amber Mortensen, Diana Deaver and Krystal Aeby
Models: Christina Pujol, Chelsea Wilkerson and Megan Haberzettle
Catering by: David Le at Sushi Bar (the squid salad made me want to live underwater).

painfully hip road trip photo shoot – a month later and all the greater!

in case you haven’t noticed, amber and i have been strangely absent.  (from here, as well as the other inter-web haunts we frequent.)  

this is not because we don’t like you any more.  it’s just because you’re kind of pushy and self-centered, and honestly, we’re tired of the incessant stories about all the boys who are “so in loooove” with you, and the way you always borrow our clothes and never return them.  (that was a joke.  a really horrible one.  in fact, i should erase it.  but i’m not going to!)   have i mentioned that i’m severely sleep deprived?  that’s probably worth mentioning…

why the sudden lack of posts and extreme exhaustion?  

well, ladies and gentleman, in 6 (7?  i can’t do complicated mathematical things like count the number of days between now and next thursday!!) we will be performing a holy union between painfully hip and the painfully hip design collective, and wellwornroad and the non-existent wellwornroad design collective, and combine our love forevermore beneath one roof in tucson.  i will be taking her name, because no one knows what the hell mine is.

(don’t act like you didn’t see this coming.  we’ve only been together for what, like two years now?!  at what point did you think biological clocks started ticking?)

so obviously we’ve been partying it up like the bachelorettes we will soon no longer be.  i didn’t wash my hair for four days this week, and amber started a fresh batch of kombucha.  we have sort of this “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, where if we don’t say, “hey, what did you do today?” we don’t tell.  but we keep forgetting not to ask…

yeah, ok, it’s not funny.  when are you going to get to the point, diana?  this is stupid.
well that was mean.  fine.

without further ado, i present a couple behind-the-scenes photos from the painfully hip road trip/design collective photo shoot in corpus christi:

krystal aebykrystal aeby – our gracious hostess and the “without you, this never
would have been possible” of the shoot.  plus she gorgeous too, huh?
do you want to hate her?  i did.  but you can’t.  she’s too freakin nice!


produce culturethe (equally beautiful) boys of produce culture, fame, who not only let
us use their phenomenal gallery/studio, but also did the shooting and editing.
are you guys single?  all of you?  i’ve got one week of freedom left… 


behind the scenes 1behind the scenes, take one.
ps. i totally made that dress…  that’s why amber is marrying me.


behind the scenes take 2“behind the scenes” take-2.
what’s better than pretty girls and a picturesque window?
(although i guess that doesn’t count, because she is a pretty girl.)

ok, i’m in desperate need of some sustenance and a rest break if i’m going to continue on with this day.

in the meantime, i guess i lied – i have to show you one more picture – and it really is the final one.  i made this dress too:

green dressit’d been pointed out to me that i have a “thing” for green dresses…  whatevs!

i’m going to go take that much-needed nap, but while i’m asleep, work her down!   get some pictures and stories out of her!  we know she’s got ’em!

and in the meantime, if amber wont share, i’ve posted a few more pictures over at wellwornroad.  don’t let her get off that easy though!  we will harass it out of her! 



PHDC: Portraits by Kristin Cofer

Thanks so much to certified genius/photographer, Kristin Cofer and maestro/makeup artist, Padi Arvin for making me look so miraculously perdy. I feel somehow validated, in the most shallow way possible. They could make the harpy from the Last Unicorn look like Claudia Schiffer… and me like a 50s pinup. I love it.

side saturated

Seriously, get them to do your portrait. Its sooooo much more fun than plastic surgery and you’ll still respect yourself afterwards. Win win.

Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2009-08-23

  • Healdsburg for a winery party last night… now in Alameda slowly chipping away at my hangover. #
  • Writing stuff good is real hard. Blargh! #
  • I am in love with The Antlers at this very moment. I want to be in a plural marriage with them all. #
  • Berkeley open mike night at the Starry Plow. How many openers are there?? #
  • Waiting for models makeup. Still figuring:is the theme 60s inspired by 20s rendered in 80s clothing? Or just "pulled directly from my ass?" #
  • The most mindblowing photoshoot inside a curio shop in the scariest part of Oakland. Danger: crackheads, ghosts, falling taxidermy, coffins! #
  • SNEAK PEEK! New *CREEPY* PHDC photoshoot up for twitter & flickr friends only! #
  • On location at an abandoned old mint in SF for an Amelie themed shoot. So. Amazing. Can't believe we got permission! #
  • A homeless dood just told me i looked homeless on account of all my stuff for the shoot. Oh and i've been sharing a bench with 3 homeles … #

Painfully Hip and Hiss and Hearse: Lovely Creature

Kristin Cofer, the photographer who shot both Gypsy Melody and Cirque de Soixante Six for the Painfully Hip Design Collective is amazing. Not only is she my new favorite person for letting me crash in her SF Bay Area apartment for an entire fucking week, she is also the most passionate, kind and lovely person I have gotten to know in a long time. Oh, and did I mention how talented she is?? You won’t know the extent until you check out her blog: Hiss and Hearse.

This shoot was just…. I can’t even explain. We rolled up to the location, a gigantic warehouse in a really gnarly part of Oakland, vaguely fearing for our lives. Until we walked in the door and were greeted by the warmest pair of beautiful people, Gooby and Dusty, who dress like they live in a Tim Burton movie that hasn’t yet been made. And the building itself? An ENDLESS array of creep out possibilities. See for yourself.






Photography by Kristin Cofer
Makeup by Padi Arvin
Models: Dee Larsen and Jillian Oliver
Jewelry by Heresy Designs
Styling by me
Some clothing from Alicia Black of Babyfoot Vintage (just ask about purchase)
Special thanks to Dusty and Goby at the eerie and unmissable Favors Estate Liquidation in Oakland.

Tomorrow there will be more Kristin art. She took my portrait yesterday and, well, it turns out? She is incapable of taking a bad picture. Not really sure how that works.

check me out: Painfully Hip in Lucky Magazine. Shazzam.

It is the weirdest thing to find yourself in a glossy you picked up at Rite Aid:

Thank you, Lucky Magazine! XO!
Thank you, Lucky Magazine! XO!

Bill Blass backless ruffle swimsuit – thrifted
high-waisted cummerbund shorts – Bows and Arrows Vintage

Funny story:
The sweet, glorious, supportive folks at Lucky had sent me a bottle of Sally Hansen High Def Nail Polish to try and match with an outfit. By deadline’s end, I had not had time to get anyone to take a shot, so I *gasp* cheated. I photoshopped that bright purple madness right onto an appropriately girly, month old photo and sent it in.

Yup! My counterfeit styling made it into a national glossy with Mandy Moore on the cover.
Tee fuckin hee.

Painfully Hip: This is How We Do.

I know it. There have been exactly 4 updates in the last two weeks. Things are, um, just a bit complicated (read: simultaneously ass-kickingly traumatic and glorious) in our sphere at the moment. Curious??

The last two weeks since we got back from the Painfully Hip Roadtrip have been INSANE-O-RAMA.
I got a new nephew, became single, moved out, went on a last minute roadtrip to Canada and back, started writing an in-depth emergency article on current hairstyles for the News & Review, found my photo in a glossy magazine (Lucky, September 2009), and planned 5 photoshoots, a yard sale and a solo move to Arizona.

… if you think that’s a bit much, you should see the list I sent to Diana, who, by the way, has an eerily similar list of her own. For instance, swap “Canada” with “Mexico” and change “to Arizona” to “in with Amber.”
Yeah, we were exclusively internet friends only 3 months ago and now we’re practically married (just don’t tell Diana that Arizona is actually a red state). But one thing we have in common is that we take bullshit and turn it to gold. This is how we do.

Therefore? Hang in there, folks. This is going to be a whole new beginning for Painfully Hip, because Diana and I have realized: once we get our heads together, we tend to get a little, ahem, obsessed.

I have created “The Most Stupidly Half-Assed Animated Gif Ever Made” in celebration.


In case you haven’t noticed, I am getting REALLY EXCITED about winter for once! And not just because I’ll be able to wear short shorts for most of the year.
Take THAT, pants!

Check out WellWornRoad for more details, including photos of our NEW HOT WATER HEATER!!