Painfully Hip and Hiss and Hearse: Lovely Creature

Kristin Cofer, the photographer who shot both Gypsy Melody and Cirque de Soixante Six for the Painfully Hip Design Collective is amazing. Not only is she my new favorite person for letting me crash in her SF Bay Area apartment for an entire fucking week, she is also the most passionate, kind and lovely person I have gotten to know in a long time. Oh, and did I mention how talented she is?? You won’t know the extent until you check out her blog: Hiss and Hearse.

This shoot was just…. I can’t even explain. We rolled up to the location, a gigantic warehouse in a really gnarly part of Oakland, vaguely fearing for our lives. Until we walked in the door and were greeted by the warmest pair of beautiful people, Gooby and Dusty, who dress like they live in a Tim Burton movie that hasn’t yet been made. And the building itself? An ENDLESS array of creep out possibilities. See for yourself.






Photography by Kristin Cofer
Makeup by Padi Arvin
Models: Dee Larsen and Jillian Oliver
Jewelry by Heresy Designs
Styling by me
Some clothing from Alicia Black of Babyfoot Vintage (just ask about purchase)
Special thanks to Dusty and Goby at the eerie and unmissable Favors Estate Liquidation in Oakland.

Tomorrow there will be more Kristin art. She took my portrait yesterday and, well, it turns out? She is incapable of taking a bad picture. Not really sure how that works.