Painfully Hip Roadtrip in Corpus Christi: Pocketful of Posies

Ok ok, Diana! I’m on it! By some miracle I have a break between getting my bike fixed, packing, shipping a buttload of stuff at the post office, and an eye exam, to get these delightful bits of Produce to you before my going away soiree this night.

(BTW, if you are anywhere near Sacramento this weekend, I’m having a moving sale! Well, it is more of a “Stuff I Can’t Carry Sale,” since I’m moving via airplane. Starts at 11:30 on Saturday. More info here).

This shoot was a blast and a half. Thanks again to Krystal, Chris, Sharat, David and everyone from Produce, Cafe Aeby (so sad to see it close!) and Sushibar. They really rolled out the red carpet for us, and we are still reeling from their unwarranted hospitality to strangers (in fact, I sorta fear for their safety in a bad neighborhood).

chelsea wilkerson

Photographer: Sharat Camacho
Styling and direction: Amber Mortensen, Diana Deaver and Krystal Aeby
Models: Christina Pujol, Chelsea Wilkerson and Megan Haberzettle
Catering by: David Le at Sushi Bar (the squid salad made me want to live underwater).