check me out: hard driving

Usually, when phrases like “my popsicle melted” or “hard drive failure” are used, you expect to hear a particularly boring sob story with many uses of the word “suck.” Mine is different: more boring, less sob.

On the morning of the fateful day in question, I had decided to finally break out the external hard drive which had been sitting off for a month and a half while I wandered the country aimlessly. I needed it to back up my 3 year old laptop and then begin the annoying task of transferring files so my brimming hard drive would not burst. I’ll spare you the details, but needless to say, that is exactly what happened. Hard drive failure.

This was a good thing (no, I am not on drugs) although I could not have known it at the time. I made an appointment at the Apple Store, fully expecting to go into debt over this thing. Not to be.

There is this thing that is rad? It is called The Genius Bar.

Genius: “When was the last time you backed up?

Me (feeling like a genius): “This morning. Time Machine is the best invention since Pay-at-the-Pump.”

Genius: “Oh good, so I won’t have to give you any bad news regarding data recovery then.”

Me (definitely not a genius): “Guess not, but you must have good bedside manner.”

Genius: “Heh… Yup. Yes, you definitely need a new hard drive… (checks his monitor) but oh, what’s this? Looks like we don’t make the 80g anymore, we’ll have to upgrade you to a 120g. Hope you don’t mind.

‘Oh, you have a chipped top case.”

Me: “Uhhh oh. OK. How much more will that cost me??

Genius: “Well, let’s see here. You’re not under warrantee any more and you don’t have Apple Care, but you’re still covered.”

Me: Still… covered…? Wow… um… ok…

Genius: “So just go ahead and sign this piece of paper that says, $0.00 on it and we’ll get that fixed up for you by tomorrow.”

Yeah. My computer is now better than new. Literally.
This is what I was wearing.
floral mini dress
floral minidress

mixed florals flapper dress: thrifted in Tucson
feather headband: Sewsephine on Etsy
sheer granny socks: a gift from Neneee
leather maryjanes with stacked wood heel:

The next day, the nice Genius that helped me asked me to dinner (maybe he enjoyed my joke about beds).
I honestly feel like I’ve drained all my allotted good kharma from this dress. I hate to do it, but considering that there is currently an ominous $6.66 in my checking account, it is time I share this frock and its infinite good kharma with another Lucky Lady. Check out our Painfully Hip Etsy.