dress of the week(ness of knees) club

(by diana deaver)

solar culture

amber and i don’t really have a whole lot to do other than put on pretty things and lounge around in awkward places.

that’s a total lie.
i actually have a whole “to do” list – ahem, notebook – waiting for some attention, but seriously, if you were being propositioned by both a Mead five-star and this handsome fellow (the DRESS.  the person in it isn’t a “fellow.”) who would you choose?

amber in The Dressfor the record, i used to entertain the idea that i would feel pretty in this dress.
that was until amber borrowed it and i realized it had been hand-sewn by a million tiny angels, 
each singing her name in perfect harmony.  
oh gag me.  and stop being so freakin’ perfect in all MY clothes, amber!!  DO YOU HEAR ME?!

i can deal though.  i’m cool like that.  a lot of the “cool like that” being hinged on the fact that i also own this dress, so i didn’t have to stay at home, alone and poorly clothed:

diana's new favorite dress

an interesting fact about this dress:

one of the sweetest girls i’ve ever met, named sarah, who lives in close proximity to the city of fresno, gave me this dress a few months ago – after offering up her very comfortable home as a place for me to stay on my way through her town. she had never met me prior to this.  i could have been a complete lunatic.  

i’m still not making any promises that i’m not.  (a complete lunatic.)  but this dress might complete me…  

close-up time!!

the dress... again!

yep…  still kinda hate her for rockin this dress so hard.

of course!!  
thank you again/for the billionth time/etc., to one of our most favorite men in the world, mr. ryan mihalyi, for his photographic genius, (it goes without saying, but the good ones are his handiwork.  the not-so-good ones?  we had a homeless man take those…)

also?  we love you guys!!!  have a fan-freakin-tastic friday!