check me out: i think these shorts are actually made from my skin

Honestly, I took this outfit shot a few weeks ago and can’t recall where I wore it. I do remember not really wanting to put much effort in so I chose black on black (but I can never resist some colorful accessories). So this outfit is my comfy casual version of a little black dress.

I have do have to say one thing: These leather shorts are the most perfect garment I have ever owned. My friends are getting sick of hearing about them (“So… my leather shorts totally slept through the night last night for the first time, can you believe it? I can’t believe what a pleasure they are, can you?)

high waisted leather shorts
high waisted leather shorts


(Everything is thrifted/borrowed from Diana’s thrifted collection except the green headband from Little Red Fox).

These shorts are in perfect condition, lined in satin, light as a Miller High Life, and they make the shit out of any ensemble. They are as low-maintenance as a couch-surfing Mr. Clean – wipe and go. They are somewhere between classy call girl and pin-up rock chic. They complete me. I should re-name this blog Painfully Repetitive – Amber Wears Her Leather Shorts. Again.

I promise there are more things to come besides leather shorts. Saturday we had a photoshoot of next level professionalism. It features, among other things, a stunning 6’2 redhead named Ashley, eyebrows fashioned from tiny green leaves and jewelry made from the teeth of sharks. Giddy!
Also, I received a perfect, perfect haircut from the most talented stylist in Tucson, possibly Arizona, possibly the world. Although I could not, of course, prove any of this except the haircut part (because now I’m even hip when I’m picking my nose).

Can I say one other thing? Tucson, AZ is wonderful.
But then, the quality of a city is all about who you know in it.

Dearest Tucson,
I’ll admit it. Moving to you was a total whim. I had no clue what to expect, but it was not, within 5 weeks of arriving, to be swept up in an unstoppable tidal wave of creativity, inspiration and unfettered acceptance. I want to say thank you to beauteous Emilie, who brought me to the cool kid convention, who always hooks me up and is there for me and my shenanigans. To hip as shit Erin – if you are into it, I will be too. To loverly and amazing Kristen and Noah for instantly embracing me and making me feel a part of their family at the opulent palace of Casa Libre (I may have to start paying rent). To brothers and huggers savant, Adam and Abraham for being incredibly kind and always cheering me on. To Addam(!), Octavio, and Ryan for being unbelievably talented and endlessly enthusiastic toward every one of my stupid ideas. And to Diana for your unabashed support, for keeping it real, for being you. All of you inspire me to be compelled to create and to savor every morsel of the process.
I love you, Tucson, because you have a a cost of living to make a pauper feel like a prince, a kickass art and music scene, stunning vistas, and spring instead of autumn.
I love you because you love me back.
Lucky me,