Painfully Hip Design Collective and Wingflash Designs

When I came upon Laura Kepner-Adney’s glorious gilt organics line of jewelry, I was stunned. Jaw-on-floor. She uses semi-precious stones, but only the kind you’ve never seen before, and combines them with organic materials like shark teeth, delicate baby’s breath, oil slick beetle wings and diaphanous leaves dipped in liquid gold. If you are craving something real in your life, visit Wingflash. No photo will ever do these pieces any justice.


wingflash designs

This shoot was my Tucson collective’s first shoot, taken in my living room and closet. I rather think we rocked it. Ok, well “we” might be a strong word, since it isn’t very difficult to style a partially nude redhead with the most beautiful jewelry I have ever handled. Let’s just say I have been over-fucking-whelmed by the tsunami of talent currently swarming about me.

photos by Ryan Mihalyi
model: Ashley Geiger
hair: Addam Moreno
makeup: Octavio
jewelry by Laura Kepner-Adney
styling by me and Addam

closeups (by request):