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PHDC Painfully Trip: Edie Sedgwick Takes San Francisco

Have you ever had that feeling that life is happening at you? That you’re suddenly caught up in a wave of good news, exciting prospects, turned corners and open doors?

I have.

How did I possibly manage to: score a room at an historic luxury hotel from the City of San Francisco), model for an incredible photographer in clothes dropped at my hotel by up-and-coming local designers, encase my face in faux lashes and whopping earrings courtesy of Mac Cosmetics and a collaboration with Wingflash Designs in bustling San Francisco locations, attempting to echo one of my favorite personalities, Edie Sedgwick…. and NONE OF IT WAS MY IDEA??

Edie sedgwick tilted shoulders san francisco sir francis drake

Edie sedgwick sequins balance sir francis drake

Edie sedgwick couture san francisco park


Edie sedgwick san francisco dyno solo park view

Edie sedgwick san francisco earrings

Edie sedgwick shirt dress shop window close san francisco

Edie sedgwick full length shop san francisco

die Sedgwick sir francis drake san francisco dyno solo bw drama


Edie sedgewick chandelier sir francis drake hotel sf glamour

And that was only the beginning of this epic tour. Right now I’m in Chicago receiving more luckbombs, having a soul-illuminating few days with close friends and bracing myself for:

-another roadtrip, starting wed, with a rough and tumble all girl band who just happen to be as obsessed with thrift stores and fashion as I am.

-a stylist gig back in San Francisco with my first legit celebrity, the Hipster Prime Minister himself. I will not deny it if you guess correctly! Think ironic. A little Brilliant, slightly sleezy. Think vacant, traffic-stopping gaze…

I keep having to check for the horseshoe in my ass. That would be embarrassing…
Thank you all so much for reading.

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photography by Cecilia Austin
couture fray dress by Abi McCannon, Your Crutch
t-shirt dress from Painfully Hip Vintage
other clothing by Danielle Due Citta, Dyno-Solo
earrings by Laura Adney-Kepner, Wingflash Design
hair by Addam Moreno, Iso Hair
makeup by Oaeza Pathan, retail manager at Mac Cosmetics, Nordstrom – Westfield Mall San Francisco
styled and modeled by Amber Mortensen

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Painfully Trip: San Francisco

San Francisco
I’ve lived in close proximity to San Francisco (as it has to my heart) for most of my life, but I’ve found only one way to properly explore its bohemian charms.

My trip to San Francisco, Day One.

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Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2009-11-29

  • Got out of the car in Reno and Huey Lewis was blasting in the pkg lot. I imagine this Reno's perma status. #
  • Went to an All-You-Can-Scarf Buffet for Thanksgiving brunch in Reno. THAT is how we do. Have a gluttonous one! #
  • Whoa. You can drink beer at the gate at the Reno airport! Class A. #
  • Spotting pink velour tracksuits at the airport is kinda like playing Punch Buggy. #

Painfully Trip: San Francisco


Saturday, Cecilia Austin and I had an Edie Sedgwick themed fashion shoot planned using this magnificent metropolis as a backdrop (featuring some local designers and some Edie-worthy custom earrings from Wingflash). Very late the night previous, I was informed that my makeup artist had contracted swine flu and couldn’t make it. What’s a girl to do??

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Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2009-11-22

  • Making a run for the border – cuz even Tucson thrift stores aren't thrifty enough for me right now. #
  • my head is an experiment. Follicly, that is. #
  • Fueled on a total of 15 hours of sleep in the last week, the zombie walk through the airport is done. SAN FRAN, HO! #

Painfully Trip: A San Francisco Treat

Holy cannelloni.
If there are two Top Things I love in this crazy world that both start with an S, they would be San Francisco and Shopping. Which is why, when the San Francisco Visitors Bureau offered me (and four other bloggers) one of their patented Stay & Shop SF packages the weekend before I was due back in California, I sure as hell changed my plane ticket double-quick-like.

What to do? What a question. Having lived only 1.5 hours out of the city for a third of my life, I’ve come to know this city and its multifarious wiles like a good friend. And while I know I have barely scratched the skin of its numerous diversions and plan to dig deeper on this trip, here are a few of many unmissable places I get homesick for when I’m away.

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Telegraph Hill Golden Morning Sun by lonebuffalodave
Telegraph Hill Golden Morning Sun by lonebuffalodave

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Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2009-11-15

  • What's your favorite San Francisco hidden gem / museum / speakeasy / thrift store / hole-in-the-wall / mom & pop / dive / cheap eat / beach? #
  • if there's one thing I can't stomach, its an empty belt loop. #
  • Today is my new best friend. #
  • When asked by WWD what her motto is, Kate Moss replied, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Noise! My motto is: "Fat taste rul good." #
  • Who's gonna be follower number 800? I am on the edge of my seat here. #

PHDC on Links a la Mode: IFB

Thanks, IFB for featuring one of my most favorite images we’ve ever created, its an honor. Thank god it’s Friday the 13th, my friend Jamaica is joining the Commune of the Painfully Hip today! Velkommen!

links a la mode

Finding what works…

Edited by Jennine

Man, editing the links this week was painful, only because there were so many fantastic posts, so be sure to check them all out in the IFB forums! This week we have loads of great interviews, a few wonderful lookbooks from our members, and had a recurring theme of personalizing style, from the DIY projects from M.I.S.S.,, Quirky Fashion, to customizing trends on Clutch 22, dramatis personae and The Art of Accessories we’re finding what works!

Links à la Mode : November 12th

Painfully Trip: On Tour. Here we go again.

Ah roadtrips. It always surprises me what a sucker I am for the promise of all those endless asphalt ribbons luxuriating ahead of me. All that newness. All that possibility. All that Taco Bell.

This is going to be seriously next level. I am giggidy giggidy giddy about this trip.

November 20-23: San Francisco – For the SF Vistors’ Bureau. Feasting of San Francisco’s bodily delights and rooting out hidden gems, details forthcoming. A photo shoot with the indescribably talented Cecilia Austin featurning pieces by local designer, Danielle Due Citta with the theme: a stylized Edie Sedgwick about the City. Thanks to Cecilia for the concept. I believe she must practice mind-reading, I am loving this idea so much.

November 20-25: Sacramento, CA
November 26-27: Hawthorne, NV
November 27-December 2: Visiting dear friends, Ira and Andrea of Forkable and BTSIC fame, and then joining Agent Ribbons for the second half of their month-long tour. I might be drunkenly hawking vintage jewels at the merch table or attempting to infiltrate the spotlight with my sub-par ukulele twanging. Either way, there’s sure to be public apologies of, “Sorry, we only invited her because she is self-employed and has a drivers’ license.”

Here are all their entirely unmissable tour dates, in case you missed them in the summertime:

photo by Ryan Mihalyi and the Painfully Hip Design Collective, Tucson

Agent Ribbons Tour Dates

Nov 14 2009 9:00P
Lil’ Red Lion w/ Monster Women and Barbara Manning Arcata, CA

Nov 15 2009 8:00P
Ground Kontrol w/ Swallows, Helen Money + DJ Nate C
Portland, Oregon

Nov 16 2009 8:00P
Rotture w/ Lost Lockets
Portland, Oregon

Nov 17 2009 9:00P
Sunset Tavern w/ Slow Skate
Seattle, Washington

Nov 18 2009 9:00P
Spokane, Washington

Nov 21 2009 9:00P
The Woodshed
Salt Lake City, Utah

Nov 22 2009 9:00P
The Hi-Dive w/ Fissure Mystic and Weed Diamond
Denver, Colorado

Nov 24 2009 9:00P
The Zoo Bar
Lincoln, Nebraska

Nov 25 2009 9:00P
TheSlowdown w/ Beep Beep and Thunderpower
Omaha, Nebraska

Nov 27 2009 8:00P
Ames Progressive
Ames, Iowa

Here’s where I join up. Shall I see you there?

Nov 28 2009 8:00P
Turner Hall w/ Papercuts and Camera Obscura
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Nov 29 2009 8:00P
Beat Kitchen
Chicago, IL

Dec 1 2009 8:00P
Daytrotter Session! (
Rock Island, Il

Dec 2 2009 8:00P
Chicago, IL

Dec 3 2009 8:00P
Bauhaus Kaffee presented by Unique Ink art
Fredericktown, Missouri

Dec 4 2009 9:00P
O’Dowd’s Plaza
Kansas City, Missouri

Dec 5 2009 9:00P
75th St. Brewery
Kansas City, Missouri

Dec 6 2009 8:00P
Oklahoma City, OK

Dec 8 2009 8:00P
Trunk Space
Phoenix, Arizona

Dec 10 2009 8:00P
The Bootleg Theatre with Finches and Evan Way (Parson Redheads)
Los Angeles, CA

Dec 11 2009 9:00P
Soda Bar
San Diego, CA

DO it. Please? If you miss it you will die a slow death of Ribbonless regret. Plus, I want to see how you’d interpret “cabaret-inspired victorian punk garage” in your garb. Best outfit gets a free beer.

PS Let us know if you live in Chicago or Oklahoma City and can help book those dates. If you needed an excuse to have a madcap house party and/or wedding, look no further.

One more thing! Jamaica of Sapphire Cordial designs and Concrete & Cashmere fame moves into the Painfully Hip adobe tomorrow! Its going to be a renaissance, I can feel it.

Painfully Hip Design Collective F/W 2009: Daphne

The Painfully Hip Design Collective are on a roll. This time within the walls of the lofty new Eric Firestone Gallery, a magnificent building full colored glass and beautifully weathered murals and seasoned brick, what Eric hopes to call “Tucson’s version of Andy Warhol’s Factory.” So on friday night’s big opening (starts at 6pm, the gallery expects around 500 people), we plan to take that literally… by doing a live photo shoot with the art opening party as a backdrop. I can’t tell you how excited this makes me. Make sure you stop by if you’re in the area so you can witness my hummingbird-like styling and direction …although some may come for the champagne.

I am getting ahead of myself. The following is my interpretation of Autumn this year… a jaunty 70s schoolgirl with Biba Girl tendencies.

Shop the shoot (click images to see listings)!

Painfully Hip Design Collective – F/W 2009

photos by Ryan Mihalyi
model: Katie Palmer
hair: Addam Moreno
makeup: Octavio
styling and concept: Amber Mortensen
wardrobe and additional styling:Diana Deaver
accessory styling: Jasmine Jarrett
painting: “Pavane for a Dead Princess: Jezebel” by Terence La Noue
Eric Firestone Gallery, Exhibition and Event Space
403 North 6th Ave
Tucson, Arizona 85701
Ph 520.882.2616

All clothing is vintage, except the luscious, soft as butter, cornflower denim (J Brand jeans. I found them for $30 at TjMaxx. SCORE.

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