PHDC on Links a la Mode: IFB

PHDC on Links a la Mode: IFB

Thanks, IFB for featuring one of my most favorite images we’ve ever created, its an honor. Thank god it’s Friday the 13th, my friend Jamaica is joining the Commune of the Painfully Hip today! Velkommen!

links a la mode

Finding what works…

Edited by Jennine

Man, editing the links this week was painful, only because there were so many fantastic posts, so be sure to check them all out in the IFB forums! This week we have loads of great interviews, a few wonderful lookbooks from our members, and had a recurring theme of personalizing style, from the DIY projects from M.I.S.S.,, Quirky Fashion, to customizing trends on Clutch 22, dramatis personae and The Art of Accessories we’re finding what works!

Links à la Mode : November 12th

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