Woah. Wha’ Happened?

Woah. Wha’ Happened?

Wait a minute, where were we?

It appears that in the midst of some majorly transformative personal time, 2009 ended in an anticlimactic fizzle and 2010 started out with a veritable atomic kaboom. Sorry for the unplanned hiatus, but I’ve been a busy thing. As of the new year, I am About.com‘s new Budget Style Guide. Legitimately employed! I’d like to offer an obese thank you to all of you for your support.

What does this mean for Painfully Hip?

Only good things:

  • Daily links to my comprehensive About.com articles. DIYs, How To’s, store reviews, Lists, blog posts, its going to be mental! My new About Budget Style website will be live next month.
  • The Painfully Hipster of the Week. Back by popular demand, Thrift Star of the Day will be resurrected using painfully underrated thrifted outfits from Lookbook.nu, Weardrobe and Chictopia.
  • Phasing out corporate ads! Many thanks to the wonderful BlogHerAds and Six Apart for making the last 2.5 years of my life possible! I love you! However, my goal has always been to make Painfully Hip’s sidebars a resource for wallet-friendly independent designers, vintage boutiques and exclusive online discounts.
  • The Usual Hip Shit. Still pumping out Painfully Hip Design Collective photo shoots, Check Me Outs, and Painfully Trip Travel stories from much more exotic locales. Painfully Hip will be nothing but pretty pictures, fashionable resources, foreign adventures, and hardcore fun, just like it was born to be.

PS Thank you to Lucky Magazine to choosing me as one of their new Alpha Shoppers and including me in your February and March issues!

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