Month: February 2010

Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2010-02-28

Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2010-02-21

About Budget Style – February 15, 2010

Hello kidlings! Woah! How February has been flying by!
Here are the latest links for About Budget Style.

Be still my heart! My Top Picks for Zac Posen for Target (and the best bang for your buck).

Vintage Loafer Scoregasm!

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Check Us Out: Kitten McTinykins

Diana put together this lil’ punkin’ of an outfit and instantly, the perfect nickname for my miniscule roomie was born. Here she is…

Kitten McTinykins

Bless her lil’ kitten soul!
Pretty sure everything except the tights and headband was thrifted for less than a few Daddy Warbucks.

Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2010-02-14

  • Only 11am and today already resembles something similar to Tetsuo The Iron Man. #

Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2010-02-07

About Budget Style – 4 February 2010

My new site was launched today. It’s still all About Budget Style, minus the superfluous expletives! Check me out!

This is me in my $6 “professional” look with gold button necklace by Emily Elizabeth (Sale! 28% off everything on Emily’s birthday – February 8th -coupon code BIRTHDAY).

My favorite pieces so far:

Budget Style Blog (my voice takes over on December 16th).

Target Review (or How to Shop at Target Without Looking Like You Do)

How To Find the Perfect Black Blazer

8 Black Blazers under $70

Five Ways To Make Your Handbag Last Longer


Check Us Out: Cigarette Girls From the Future

Recently, art dealer Eric Firestone invited my two roomies and I to attend his latest opening for ’40s pop artist, Andy Burgess. But not to attend as just any guests, because this wasn’t just any party. The day after I returned from my 2 month adventure/ gargantuan workfest, I found myself quite the “working girl” once again. Hawking Lucky Strikes (they’re toasted!), Cubans, Emphysema, and vintage candy for tips… dressed as 1940s cigarette girls. That man sure knows how to throw a party.

photo by Krysta Jabczenski

I think after rushing around all day, we threw these get-ups together in about an hour. Life is good in this House of Stylists and Excessive Giggling.

This Week! Thanks to and the New York Times, my new website, About Budget Style is LAUNCHED… in T-minus a whack of seconds. Watch here tomorrow for linkage galore! Also a big congratulations to my friend, Mai on her beautiful new store, Threadsence!

Painfully Hipster of the Day: Tux Untucked

vintage tuxedo style

Bow Tie, Ruffled Dress Shirt from Vv, Burgundy Velvet Blazer from Vv, Dark Paisley Dress Shirt from Vv via “~whisper winds at the break of dawn~” by Bobby Raffin.

Way to make a 70s velvet ruffled tux undeniably wearable by layering with a paisley shirt and baggy trousers. Canadians can pull anything off. Hopefully next he’ll try pairing a tuque with a pair of gonch.