Check Us Out: Cigarette Girls From the Future

Vintage Cigarette Girl Costumes

Recently, art dealer Eric Firestone invited my two roomies and I to attend his latest opening for ’40s pop artist, Andy Burgess. But not to attend as just any guests, because this wasn’t just any party. The day after I returned from my 2 month adventure/ gargantuan workfest, I found myself quite the “working girl” once again. Hawking Lucky Strikes (they’re toasted!), Cubans, Emphysema, and vintage candy for tips… dressed as 1940s cigarette girls. That man sure knows how to throw a party.

photo by Krysta Jabczenski

I think after rushing around all day, we threw these get-ups together in about an hour. Life is good in this House of Stylists and Excessive Giggling.

This Week! Thanks to and the New York Times, my new website, About Budget Style is LAUNCHED… in T-minus a whack of seconds. Watch here tomorrow for linkage galore! Also a big congratulations to my friend, Mai on her beautiful new store, Threadsence!

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