Check Me Out: At the Painfully Hip Vintage Booth

Day one of Tucson’s Fourth Avenue Street Fair was a bust, after gusty winds blew our tent into the Jamaican jerk chicken booth’s Barbeque next to us, almost killing the adorable family running it. Day two was also a debacle which started out with both of my roommates/business partners waking up too sick to help (thank you to my dear friend Abraham for standing in)! Day three, however, made it all worth it. We had a blast hanging out in the gorgeous sunshine, sewing stuffed birds for our little girl neighbors and hanging out with friends and getting a wicked burntan (we were too traumatized to set up our tent again, so we ended up braving the elements). My outfits of choice both involved short shorts, nude shoes, and lots of color.

scalloped shorts by Neeenee!

Straw Hat – Thrift Store, $2
Striped Tank – Thrift Store, $2
Pearl Multi-Strand Chain Necklace – Thrift Store, $2
Floral Scalloped Shorts with Bow Sash- gift from the peerless Neneee (Oh and Valerie, there was no way I was actually going to sell that polka dot dress behind me, I just put it there to make my racks look more legit).
Nude Pumps – Thrift Store, $2

This outfit cost me a grand total of $8. More details at About Budget Style! I have been obsessed with high-waisted flutter shorts since last year. Check out my article on How to Dress for a Pool Party or Beach. Yes, I realize I’m getting a little ahead of myself with that one, but there’s a reason I recently moved to southern Arizona.

EDIT: Yay, our friend John just sent a capture of the three of us! Lookit.



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