Check Me Out: Safari Spice

Check Me Out: Safari Spice

Uh, the tea, that is.

No one would want me in an all-girl British pop band, believe you me. I can’t sing or dance, I giggle when I try to look sexy, I’m not British, and I can’t even play a tambourine. Plus I’d have to get drunk before every show to overcome my stage fright, and then I’d undoubtedly trip and fall and put somebody’s eye out with my sharp elbow(s).

HOWEVER: I can and do wear short shorts. And that’s half the battle.

This is, my friends, the official unveiling of the Sapphire Cordial ‘safari short’. (I can make that singular, right? Everybody is always throwing around the word ‘pant’ to mean a pair, and sounding very fancy doing it, so why not?) Anyhow, the point is, I slaved away at these (or should I say this? This short? So confusing) so that I could wear them in front of a curtain of the same material so you would have to squint real heard to tell that I don’t have an invisible pelvis. See? It’s a lot of work. Now you know how I feel.

I rocked this ensemble to see the ultimate awesome girl band Agent Ribbons, our dear friends who were touring through on their way to SXSW.

As I may have mentioned previously, I have a penchant for neutrals. But that doesn’t have to mean a bleh outfit. It’s all in the details. A coin adorned scarf here, a four pound necklace there. What’s that, you broke/lost/got in a fight with one of a pair of earrings that really would complete your look? Go wild and only wear one! Gasp!

Don’t you feel liberated and somehow safe all at once? It’s like engaging in a little sado-masochism with someone you really trust.

Just in case you were wondering, the safari short will be available at Tucson’s wonderful Preen, um shortly. Get it? Get it?

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