Month: April 2010

How to Mix Prints Without Looking Like A Crazy Person

Keeping your springtime florals fresh by combining them with simple stripes can be as delicious and indulgent as topping fruit pie with ice cream. This bright hawaiian floral works with these light pink striped shorts because simple pattern does not compete, but still color-coordinates.

The most foolproof way to combine patterns is to choose them from the simple two-color variety. Make sure both patterns share at least one color and are different enough to appear deliberately clashy.

Subtle prints like houndstooth and pinstripes can be as versatile as textures like corduroy and velvet, so go ahead and pair small, muted patterns with large-scale ones, like this hand-painted batik crop top. Repeat the understated color scheme again in your accessories to enhance the mingling.

Neutral patterns tend to get along best with other neutrals. We even threw in a leopard print belt to nudge this ensemble even further to the wild side. The smaller the pattern, the easier it is to mix.

Photography – Kailas
Model – Cristina Irimiciuc
Wardrobe Styling – Amber Mortensen
Hair – Jenny Strebe
Makeup – Jordan Dudgeon

Jewelry Designed by Laura Kepner-Adney, Wingflash Designs

Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2010-04-18

Painfully Hip Design Collective – Vintage Bike Fashion

Our friends Omer Kreso and Chrissy Piper (celebrity photographer extraordinaire – she’s shot two icons of female rock – Karen O and Cat Power) had the idea to do a bicycle-themed shoot. I got together my closest fashion partners in crime – my roommates Jamaica Cole of Sapphire Cordial and Diana Deaver of Seven Bells (and and the ladies of Preen Vintage in Tucson, Erin Bradley and Emilie Marchand to show off our bike-friendly style in our own ways… with a our interpretation of “road warrior chic.”

Amber Mortensen and Emilie Marchand
Diana Deaver

After that, we were recruited by Tucson Bike Beautiful to promote their upcoming bike fashion procession with another shoot of more ladylike leanings, where we attempted to match our outfits to the era of bike we were riding. These shots were taken by Adam Kizanis and are featured in local glossy, Zocalo Magazine for the month of April. Thanks all!


Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2010-04-04

Nomad Land

Ever since my relocation to the glorious Sonoran Desert, I can’t seem to get enough of sandy Southwest shades and be-jangled Bedouin baubles. (You may have even noticed that I wore the same coin scarf in both of my previous Check Me Outs. If so, give yourself a silver rupee.)

Granted, I’ve been on a gypsy kick for the past… well, ten years. This is mostly due to my impossible wanderlust and the fact that I share a birthday with Mata Hari. But whereas my past bindi/mehndi exploits may have hit one costumey note too many, this particular brand of nomad strikes a very wearable chord. Jewelry overload? Sure. But paired with knits, clean lines and subdued patterns, it’s more modern than maharajah.

And what better styling option for the upcoming scorcher that is an Arizona summer? Bring on the bare legs, white linen and headscarves!

Olesya Senchenko by Matteo Montanari | Mirage Spring 2010

Karmen Pedaru by Catherine Servel in The Wild Frontier | The Sunday Telegraph

via Fashion Gone Rouge