Nomad Land

Nomad Land

Ever since my relocation to the glorious Sonoran Desert, I can’t seem to get enough of sandy Southwest shades and be-jangled Bedouin baubles. (You may have even noticed that I wore the same coin scarf in both of my previous Check Me Outs. If so, give yourself a silver rupee.)

Granted, I’ve been on a gypsy kick for the past… well, ten years. This is mostly due to my impossible wanderlust and the fact that I share a birthday with Mata Hari. But whereas my past bindi/mehndi exploits may have hit one costumey note too many, this particular brand of nomad strikes a very wearable chord. Jewelry overload? Sure. But paired with knits, clean lines and subdued patterns, it’s more modern than maharajah.

And what better styling option for the upcoming scorcher that is an Arizona summer? Bring on the bare legs, white linen and headscarves!

Olesya Senchenko by Matteo Montanari | Mirage Spring 2010

Karmen Pedaru by Catherine Servel in The Wild Frontier | The Sunday Telegraph

via Fashion Gone Rouge

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