Shoe-gasm of the Day! Deep-Cut Ankle Cowboy Boots from (40% DISCOUNT, yo!)

From About Budget Style:

Cowboy boots are a beautiful thing. They lend a rugged, devil-may-care air to almost any frivolous frock. But finding the perfect pair of cowboy boots is like searching for perfectly worn-in denim jeans for your feet. It’s an intensely personal task and one that it took me 15 years to complete.

Well, it turns out that my perfect cowboy boots are simple, modern, ankle height and have an alluring low-cut front. These boots are so versatile, and go so perfectly with my fringed leather hobo bag, that they even work with this sailor style mini dress. In fact, they seem to go with almost anything. Thank the good lord, they’re ├╝ber comfortable to boot (sorry, that was bound to happen)…

At a regular price of $135, these boots are a worthy investment. However, the kind folks at MustHaveShoes feel your need. From April 30th-May 7th, my readers get an exclusive 40% off these cowboy boots by Nicole with coupon code PASSIONATE.

You’re welcome!