Let’s Get On With It

…Annnnd we’re BACK, from our regularly scheduled, annual late spring “break” where I, in no particular order, have a stupidly dramatic month, go on a minor bender, cop an inspirational epiphany, and reinvent Painfully Hip. With vigor. Last month treated me like its redheaded stepchild, but I am ready to rise from the rubble in a foliage of flames. So I apologize for the pause in our regularly scheduled programming, as we are conniving to to re-launch next week – with a new look, new logo, and well yes, a new attitude.

There will be not only more photo shoots styled by yours truly, but I am taking it all to the next level. We are out to make some real art this time, no foolin’ around, by collaborating with local artists and fine art photographers. My goal is to generate some legit dumbfoundery.

First off, the lovely, and nauseatingly talented Kristin Cofer of Hiss and Hearse, has offered her next-level graphic design services to bless this page with a brand spanking new masthead for our re-launch next week! Here is my new business card, featuring the last sweet logo she made for me:

Thanks, Kristin!

I would also like to thank divine men’s fashion website, Definitive Touch for honoring me as the very first female in their holyshit! Lifestyles section alongside the likes of Allen Schwartz of ABS and Örjan Andersson of Cheap Monday. Apparently, I’ve not known humility till now.

photo by Krysta Jabczenski

Thank you for reading and see you late next week after our makeover!