PHDC Mixed Prints

PHDC Mixed Prints

My team and I loved the outfits for our Mixed Prints story so much, we decided to use them again to shoot Paige, this straight-to-the-top 14 year old model, who rocked these duds to their maximum rockability. This girl was obviously born to be a model. She and her size 11 tootsies! I had to make a rush trip to Marshall’s and Ross on my way to Phoenix to get some basketball player-sized shoes for her. But oh the results!

Photography –
Model – Paige, FORD
Wardrobe Styling – Amber Mortensen, Painfully
Hair – Jenny Strebe
Makeup – Jordan Dudgeon
Jewelry Designed by Laura Kepner-Adney, Wingflash Designs
Outfits 2 & 3 designed by
Shoes from Marshalls and Ross
Everything else is vintage

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