PHDC: Wingflash Snowstorm

PHDC: Wingflash Snowstorm

I love working with jewelry designer, Laura Kepner-Adney of Wingflash Designs. Nevermind the fact that her prolific collections consist of the most gasp-worthy, covetable objects I’ve ever ogled, she’s actually grateful to me when I borrow them for extend periods of time. Sometimes I think I must have secretly assassinated Hitler in my past life.

In addition to the jewelry, there were a lot of things that made the following shoot awesome. And that brings me to yet another reason I love working with Laura. She comes up with these genius ideas about snow machines and a Painfully Hip 20% OFF everything (until June 30th 2010) if you mention this post! The male model, however, was my idea.
You’re welcome.

Photos by Ryan Mihalyi
Models – Asher Caplan, Ashley Geiger, and Sandra Solial
Jewelry by Laura Kepner-Adney, Wingflash Designs
Hair by Addam Moreno, ISO Hair
Makeup by Lauren Malanga
Styling by Amber Mortensen
Special thanks to Abraham Cooper for his assistance, Lauren Malanga for going on a mad hunt for white mascara and saving our lives, and Adam Lehrman for being late to a wedding in the name of this shoot.

You’ll want to check out Part 2 of this shoot up tomorrow… but only if you’d like to see the aforementioned models in various states of undress.

I thought so.

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