Month: August 2010

Check Me Out: Four-Legged Fashionista

Wha..wha…what??! How is August already winding up? I think I may have been caught in a wormhole. Don’t be too alarmed… Thank you all so much for your tips! I couldn’t believe all the legit get-rich-quick schemes you could spout when asked… it makes me wonder what you are doing on my blog? Keep one eye on your emails for your free copy of The Wanderlust Workbook from Yes and Yes!

Alas, not a lot of money has been made (I even considered becoming a go-go dancer at a gay bar, but I think I may be too straight-I’m not fooling anyone), but I am still determined to become stranded in a foreign country for the winter because it sounds like too much fun. Well, character-building anyway. I better get used to the cold because I may be moving back to Canada in a couple of years! Details forthcoming and aren’t they juicy!

The plan right now is to hit New York in early October for a pending shoot with the peerless Market Publique and one of my favorite photographers, Kailas. In the meantime, I am working on my quicklycomingomgit’shere! fashion show at Hotel Congress!

The promo photo was shot by the fabulous Steven Meckler and my cohort for the fashion spreads that will soon be hitting Zocalo Magazine. Everyone who knows me knows that dogs are my favorite people. So this event was custom designed for me. Our shoot also featured rescued dogs, including this adorable mutt, Alley, who is now (but not for long!) available for adoption at Hope Animal Shelter.

And this is Butter Bean the Sex Machine, who was recently rescued and adopted.

The theme for the show? I will be dressing my models like a prep school girl with hippy parents. Our dog models will be dressed in their birthday suits. Be there!!

Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2010-08-01

  • I've come up with some janky schemes in my life, but this one's a doozie! #
  • Just scored an interview to be the new Visual Merchandiser (aka Window Dresser) at Forever21 and the envy of unemployed 21 y/o's everywhere. #