A Painful Parting: My Epic Knee-High Zodiac Boots

A Painful Parting: My Epic Knee-High Zodiac Boots

So I’m leaving on my big tour in a few minute weeks and I’m starting to realize just how expensive its going to be… which in turn is making me panic. Like an excesssssive consssssonants kind of panic. This is what it’s like to reach desperate measures.
So I’m selling “The Boots.”

knee high zodiac cowboy boots

Real leather, real stacked heels, real Zodiacs. Legit in every way, even the size. A true 7.5.

This is incredibly difficult, but as you can see from the listing, they’re very photogenic and I’ve used them in plenty of shoots and fashion shows. I must be weaned. I was almost about to start shopping for engagement rings when I decided it was time to cut the cord.

These epic vintage early ’80s knee-high cowboy boots leave a wake of blown minds everywhere they go. No joke. Gaping jaws on the ground. They’re perfectly broken in, with some very small scuffs here and there, but really. Would you want it any other way? These are solid mofo-ing boots that were made for walking, not for pussyfooting around.

Enjoy. I will cry whilst packing them up, but not to worry! They will be tears of freedom.

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