Check Me Out: Making My 8 Year Old Self Proud

Check Me Out: Making My 8 Year Old Self Proud

For reasons unknown, my eight-year-old self did not like Kmart. When her mom shopped there, she stayed in the car and listened to Tiffany with her twin sister, who also did not like Kmart. We liked the ICEEs they sold there, the large selection of 99¢ cassingles, that titillating Blue Light Special… But some ambiguous stigma prevented us from realizing that whoever catches you buying questionable pants at Kmart, is probably currently buying his pants at Kmart.

My eight-year-old self also thought that sewing plastic spiders to white denim cut-offs was fashionable.

I’m never one to turn down a challenge, so when Lucky Magazine offered me a pretty darn cute lookbook and a Kmart gift card, I went. Boom. Before my platforms even crossed the threshold I found this little ditty of a skirt on the sidewalk sale rack for $2.99. Not bad at all!

I’ve gotten myriad compliments on it, even from straight men.

Tank – Kmart, $4.99
Skirt – Kmart, $2.99
Tribal Earrings by Laura Kepner-Adney of Wingflash Designs
New hairs by the one, the only, the genius, Addam B Moreno.

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