Glory Be! Painfully Hip for JewelMint

You guys! Kate Bosworth and her stylist have come up with a sweet-as-gold jewelry line called JewelMint, which “gauges your style and recommends a curated collection for you.” Yeah. Nevermind that each piece is less than $30! Ridiculous. Their editorial team asked if I could style a few pieces for them and I couldn’t keep my claws off this sherbet tasseled necklace set and scarab ring, so we had at it. In return they gave you guys a not-f&%$ing-around discount! 50% off with code PainfullyHip50! It’s only good for one week (ends Wednesday, Sept 7, 2011), so get thee to thy wallets!

JewelMint Tassel Necklaces
JewelMint by Kate Bosworth
JewelMint Tassel Necklace Kate Bosworth
JewelMint Scarab Cocktail Ring
Cocktail Ring by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter

Oh, to always shoot with a team like this. Heaven.

Photos by Trumbo+Flynn
Model – Beck Trumbo, CAST Images
Styling by Amber Mortensen
Clothing by Van Der Neer