Month: September 2011

Check Me Out: In My New Jeans

This post brought to you by Express. All opinions are 100% mine.

I apologize for the lame title. But if you knew what I originally wanted to title it (Check Me Out: My Bootie Expresses Itself Again), you’d thank me.

 Express jeans sent me a gift certificate for me to try out some of their denim. When I first I walked into the women’s jeans section, I was a bit worried, because all I saw were boot cut. And while I know boot cut jeans are definitely creeping back into style, my brain refuses to embrace them just yet. The late 90s’ corpse is sometimes a little too warm for my taste. Plus I’d probably pledge my firstborn to whomever invented skinny jeans.

I’ll come around.

So when I laid eyes on these faded grey denim masterpieces, I went straight for the fitting room. They were a bit snug (they’d sold out of my size), but I loved them so much, I couldn’t stand to leave them to a less deserving butt. The salesgirl told me they’d break in.

Express Jeans 2011


grey denim skinny jeans

Grey Express Jeans – $80

Sheer Black Tank – thrifted in Tucson, AZ for $2

Grey Felt Hat – thrifted in Fayetteville, AR for $4

Gold Chains – thrifted in Phoenix, AZ for $2

photos by Rian Flynn

I love the color of the denim, but the best part is the ankle detail, whose snaps allow me my baby steps to boot cut! Perfecto.

Get your own pair by entering the denim giveaway on their Facebook page!


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Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2011-09-18

Check Me Out: Egyptian Wedding

Exactly one month ago, two of my dearest friends on the planet earth got married. But this wasn’t just any wedding. It was held at the Isis Oasis Retreat Center, who’s grounds boast all manner of Egyptian-themed kitsch, a truly groovy pool and spa, a huge shrine to the Goddess, a temple/debaucherous dance hall, a menagerie of rare birds, and one awfully smelly ocelot. Oh, it is also run by a self-appointed physical incarnation of the goddess Isis, who calls herself Lady Loreon and was deeply reminiscent of a character from the Dark Crystal.

This is what I wore. I danced so hard the slit on the back of my dress was ripped up to my tailbone by the end of the night. No idea how long it was like that, but perhaps the ocelot got an awful eyeful.

Jewelmint scarab ring
Isis Oasis Geyservilleleopard print mini dressOcelot Isis OasisJewelmint Scarab Wing outfitIsis Oasis GeyservilleTiger Stripe ShoesScarab Ring by Jewelmintwedding photowedding

Leopard Mini Dress – Painfully Hip Clothing Swap!
Gold Chains – Thrifted in Phoenix, $2
Scarab Ring – JewelMint Sample
Tiger Pumps – Thrifted in Tucson, $2

Photos by the wonderful Rian Flynn!

Levi’s® + Painfully Hip = Unconditional Curve Love

So I recently scored myself a buh-dunk-a-dunk (sp?)! Maybe it was all the cheap cheese pizza and beach bumming I’ve been indulging in since I moved to Honolulu, but blessed has been my derrier with girth. Praise Cheezus.

As it turns out, no one has made me feel better about said newly-acquired girth than Levi’s®. Instead of upgrading my assets to a larger size, they assigned my ample trunk junk something called a Curve ID (take their quiz to find your own!), and then sent me some jeans that I’m pretty sure are 84% responsible for getting an incredibly non-douche-y male to profess to me his undying love. Perhaps I should retract my previous statement and thank the male, but that’s a conversation best saved friends who owe me something.

Long story short: these jeans are miraculous. I can style these bad boys any way I like, from monochrome androgyny to vibrant femininity.

vintage chambray top – Goodwill, Honolulu
braided leather belt – Barrio Vintage, Honolulu
woven platform sandals – eBay
scarab ring – JewelMint
mock-crock satchel – Cuffs, Sacramento
mix pattern top – Barrio Vintage, Honolulu
yellow seed bead bib necklace – Gem Show, Tucson
Nine West T-strap Platforms – Ross, Phoenix

photos by Bradley Rhea

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