Check Me Out: Egyptian Wedding

Check Me Out: Egyptian Wedding

Exactly one month ago, two of my dearest friends on the planet earth got married. But this wasn’t just any wedding. It was held at the Isis Oasis Retreat Center, who’s grounds boast all manner of Egyptian-themed kitsch, a truly groovy pool and spa, a huge shrine to the Goddess, a temple/debaucherous dance hall, a menagerie of rare birds, and one awfully smelly ocelot. Oh, it is also run by a self-appointed physical incarnation of the goddess Isis, who calls herself Lady Loreon and was deeply reminiscent of a character from the Dark Crystal.

This is what I wore. I danced so hard the slit on the back of my dress was ripped up to my tailbone by the end of the night. No idea how long it was like that, but perhaps the ocelot got an awful eyeful.

Jewelmint scarab ring
Isis Oasis Geyservilleleopard print mini dressOcelot Isis OasisJewelmint Scarab Wing outfitIsis Oasis GeyservilleTiger Stripe ShoesScarab Ring by Jewelmintwedding photowedding

Leopard Mini Dress – Painfully Hip Clothing Swap!
Gold Chains – Thrifted in Phoenix, $2
Scarab Ring – JewelMint Sample
Tiger Pumps – Thrifted in Tucson, $2

Photos by the wonderful Rian Flynn!

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