Month: November 2011

The Unrepentant Tourist – Barrio Vintage, Honolulu

This was the second time in my life a best friend had announced to me that they were sorry to tell me but they were suddenly moving to Hawaii. Oh hell, no. Bradley and I had developed a friendship which was way too pure for this goddamn world and its …weather. So I invited myself to visit him and his exceedingly blue-eyed boyfriend, Jonathan in their heavenly studio loft in Chinatown, Honolulu.
For 2 months.

They didn’t say no.

Friendship! We swam with sea turtles, rope-swung, hiked towering watertrickles, drank mai tais on premature afternoons, crashed infinity hot tubs at sunset, buoyed ourselves in the warm and silvering dusklit Pacific, and turned a bottle of wine and a dirty concrete slab overlooking moonlit freighters into our own personal loveseat… And we were so good-looking!

But mostly, we opened a vintage boutique (rather, Bradley and Jonathan opened it while I pretended to be right about everything), Barrio Vintage, a concept pop-up. What a dream! Leather, cashmere, Gucci, Dior, preposterous prices….

Quite literally speaking, it was paradise.

Then Rian Flynn came and shit got real:

Printed Chambray Denim Shirt
Hawaiian Fashion
Aloha Fashion
Tourist Fashion
Tribal Animal Prints Honolulu Fashion

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Check Me Out: Sans MSG

Anyone who has been to San Francisco knows how impossible it is to dress appropriately for the weather. By the time the sun dissolves into its oil-slicked finalé, I’ve got so many indiscriminately practical layers on I look like I’ve been dumpster-diving. Except in glorious October. If you haven’t been to SF in October, you’ve never been to SF.

skagen watches

60s knit beaded beret, $2 – thrifted somewhere in NorCal
lattice-back navy leotard, $2 – thrifted in Honolulu
70s periwinkle skirt, $1 – thrifted in Tucson
red platforms, $15 – Barrio Vintage, Honolulu
mock crock messenger bag, Cuffs, Sacramento
growler of IPA, Magnolia Brewery

vintage gold bangle, a gift
1930s chinese gold/enamel story bracelet, $4 – Barrio Vintage, Honolulu
Black and Rose Gold Skagen Watch from Skagen Watches, UK– Probably the most beautiful and functional object I own. It has a grey mother-of-pearl face with Swarovski “digits,” an incredibly low-profile mesh band, and a clasp with the most satisfyingly tactile “click.” I’ve always wanted a slick watch, but now I’ve got one reminiscent of an opalescent oil-slick. J’adore!

photos by Rian Flynn

Painfully Trite Twitter Tweets for 2011-11-06

  • When you’re a stylist working on a farm, what else are you gonna do but show the insects how its done? Happy Halloween! #
  • Vote for me for Photo of the Week. #
  • Finally moving my ass to LA on Thurs so I can be more "industry." Feels like a 1st day of school. What's the "IT" Trapper Keeper this year? #
  • Milo & Otis. One of the greatest animal films of our time. #
  • Hullo, LA. I live in you now. Let's make magic. #
  • Hire me, LA! #