Check Me Out: Sans MSG

Anyone who has been to San Francisco knows how impossible it is to dress appropriately for the weather. By the time the sun dissolves into its oil-slicked finalĂ©, I’ve got so many indiscriminately practical layers on I look like I’ve been dumpster-diving. Except in glorious October. If you haven’t been to SF in October, you’ve never been to SF.

skagen watches

60s knit beaded beret, $2 – thrifted somewhere in NorCal
lattice-back navy leotard, $2 – thrifted in Honolulu
70s periwinkle skirt, $1 – thrifted in Tucson
red platforms, $15 – Barrio Vintage, Honolulu
mock crock messenger bag, Cuffs, Sacramento
growler of IPA, Magnolia Brewery

vintage gold bangle, a gift
1930s chinese gold/enamel story bracelet, $4 – Barrio Vintage, Honolulu
Black and Rose Gold Skagen Watch from Skagen Watches, UK– Probably the most beautiful and functional object I own. It has a grey mother-of-pearl face with Swarovski “digits,” an incredibly low-profile mesh band, and a clasp with the most satisfyingly tactile “click.” I’ve always wanted a slick watch, but now I’ve got one reminiscent of an opalescent oil-slick. J’adore!

photos by Rian Flynn