Month: December 2011

WISHing you a Bouyant New Year!

I have landed in Los Angeles. Specifically, my boyfriend and I are moving into a new place tomorrow, a few blocks from the beach. Needless to say, all this summer-chasing has left much to be desired in the form of “free time,” now that I’m dating a photographer. We met, caught our stride and now we are constantly “working” in some form or another. Just the way I like it – so far it feels like an all-out life collaboration. 2012 is about to be my busiest year yet!

This utilitarian trench coat from WISH has not left my body since it arrived. Unexpected satin sheen and gargantuan pockets… It is just. So. Good. And don’t even get me started on the rest of their jackets!
Purple suede shoes by Anna Sui for Hush Puppies! Completely addicted. If you don’t believe me, the jacket and the shoes are about to be all over Rian’s latest surrealist CD cover design (available in Russia).
Floral fishnets – UO Clearance
Bowler and dress – Thrift store

Rian Flynn nails nerd chic in his H&M Jeans and specs, thrifted shirt and vest, SCIENCE button from The New Tough, and buttery Hush Puppies’ desert boots!