2012. Year of the Pants.

2012. Year of the Pants.

Suddenly breaking my recent skirt habit, PANTS! Ah, the miracle of pants. Pants this beautiful, however, are a rarity – whipped up from a just-sheer-enough chiffon-like substance with a mesmerizingly fluid pattern. Liquid pants! With pockets and pleats! Whoever designed these was a genius, namely Elin of Stylein in Sweden. Her latest collection was very “Lykke Li Goes to Saudi Arabia” in the most perfect way (I’m just swoony over this leather scarf)!

It would be possible to remain inert with the way this fabric moves.

I may or may not have worn these for a week straight.
Blast Pants from Stylein (thank you, Elin!)
Shoes – vintage 9West, thrifted in Tucson
Earrings – H&M, LA

photos by Rian Flynn

16 comments to 2012. Year of the Pants.

  • I’ve been a fan of Stylein for some time now – they’ve got some really awesomely exquisite stuff.

    Nice post! :)


  • Wow! Incredible pictures. That muslim look is fantastic and panterly.

  • These are REALLY good pictures, Rian Flynn is a great photographer, no doubt about that!

  • Wow, these blast pants look great. I love how the light reflects off of them.

  • *drools* Now I’ll have to turn the stores upside down to find something similar :P :P

  • Wow, the pants and the shirt are a perfect match!

  • Glad to hear that you like Swedish designers! We have so many great ones, for example J Lindeberg, Tiger of Sweden, Panos Emporio (whom my parents actually met!) and Odd Molly. Check em out if you haven’t already! ;)
    P.S. Yes, those pants are truly fabulous!

  • Nice sharing about newly fashionable pants.I like your pants with fitting shirts.It’s looking gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  • I would LOVE to see these pants in color. Props to the designer!

  • I really like the photography you included. The color tone/effects on each of the photos really adds a cool look and increases the attractiveness of the fabrics/clothing being worn. Thanks for sharing!

  • What a really awesomely exquisite stuff. I like to see step action of you.

  • Wow! this is really great, I never seen pants such as this, it so elegant, I hope I can see more photos such as this.
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