There is only so much time a person has on any given day. I usually can find enough time to get caught up with current events, search out new favorite bands, follow the ever-profound creations and revelations of my go-to clothing designers and fellow bloggers. In between all these discoveries I manage to find time to work, run errands and drink beer. Ok, maybe most of these other things I plan around my beer drinking schedule. But still. There are endless trends and events we all struggle to keep abreast of in this information age, and only so many hours in a day. This results in certain interests being put on the back burner. And when we finally manage a spare moment, we find ourselves decompressing from our busy days by reading articles with headlines like “Chloe Sevigny Says Her Prosthetic Penis Made Her Cry“.

So in this vein, I must admit (gasp!) that I don’t pay very much attention to shoe trends. I’m sorry. I know a lot of you consider shoes way more important than clothing, and I know I may have just gotten the “loser” hand signal from you just now. What’s that? Oh, Amber informs me telepathically that I’m apparently way behind on gesturing trends too. A thousand apologies.

But don’t get me wrong, I love shoes! I just always happen to gravitate toward the same styles. Luckily, for the most part my taste in shoes is pretty trend-proof. I love boyish oxfords, low heeled cowboy boots, gladiator sandals and wedges, styles that regularly reinvent themselves and are rarely “so last season”.

Wedges and platforms have a particular appeal for me, due to my inability to walk gracefully in heels. I’m sure it just takes practice, but I prefer to tower over boys the easy way. So when wedges appeared EVERYWHERE recently, I was understandably thrilled. Not only am I getting more wear out of (and praise for) the ones I currently own, but there are so many new styles to choose from! Seventies revivalists rejoice!

I’ve been online window shopping for hours, mainly on the comprehensive site Viva La Diva Designer Shoes . Over the course of the last several hours, I’ve narrowed down my favorites to three categories.

PLATFORMAZING # 1: Shoes fit for a sunny afternoon at the MOMA while clad in some avant-garde monochrome slim fitting knee-length dress, hair all sleek and companion all effortlessly handsome in a light gray blazer and perfect scruff. Both parties appear very adult and contemplative until almost kicked out for making out next to a Jackson Pollock:

PLATFORMAZING #2: Shoes to wear to a Renoir-esque garden party, paired with a sundress, big sunglasses, and enough umbrella-shaded cocktails to make everything as fuzzy as an impressionist painting:

PLATFORMAZING #3: Shoes with laser cut leather detailing finer than your grandma’s china. To be worn with best friend, both in all black while drinking espresso and smoking hookah for four hours in a cushy curtained booth:

Most shoes pictures available at Viva La Diva Designer Shoes

Today has been so shoe-filled that I’m pretty sure I’m going to see them when I lay me down to sleep tonight. Maybe they’ll infiltrate my dreams and I’ll wake up tomorrow truly shoe obsessed like never before. I can set aside some of my allotted time wasting, right? I mean, shoes are important! They are somehow both the foundation and cherry on top of every outfit.

I think my good friend Chenelle put it best. A while back we were discussing our first impressions of potential mates. She is a shoe girl through and through and insisted that you could tell way more about a fellow’s character by looking at his shoes than anything else. I was of the opinion that a boy in skinny jeans more often than not will have similar musical tastes as mine, which is obviously the most important quality in a partner. She countered with, “If he can’t take care of his shoes, how’s he gonna to take care of mama?”