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Thanks so much for reading Painfully Hip. We have had so many wonderful opportunities because of your support that we want nothing more than to share the wealth. We offer your budding vintage boutique, eBay store or retail outlet affordable advertising prices and equal billing with the big guns. In this day and age, we all need a little help. If you aren’t able to afford our published prices, go ahead and make us an offer. If we like your style and have the space, we’ll be happy to work with your budget and in some cases are willing to accept samples to use in outfit posts and editorials as partial payment.

Here are the facts:

Currently Painfully Hip boasts a Google PageRank of 5, receives over 40,000 pageviews per month and around 1,500 unique visitors a day, for a total of 1.6 million unique visitors and counting! We have been linked to from such sites as Elle.com, CBS.com, UrbanOutfitters.com, ModCloth blog, MarketPublique, Style Bubble, and BUST Magazine, among many many others.

Testimonials from some of Painfully Hip’s valued sponsors:

“Painfully Hip and ModCloth are truly a match made in cyber heaven. The shoppers we get from Painfully Hip stay longer than average, view more pages than average, and often convert into customers. Plus, Amber and Eve consistently produce inspiring content that we’re proud to support and be a part of. Keep up the good work, ladies!”

-Susan from Modcloth

“LuLu*s loves Painfully Hip. What a great site and you have to love how its fashion savvy readers LOVE to shop too. Our statistics show that the traffic we see from Painfully Hip converts into sales! It’s amazing to see that kind of return on our advertising dollars.”

-Colleen from LuLu*s

“Starting an online business can be tricky. In the eBay world millions of buyers are also millions of sellers so carving a small niche in any field can be daunting. Thankfully PainfullyHip.com immediately came to mind when I knew I wanted to advertise my vintage site. Trendy, sophisticated, interesting and fashion-forward with the readers I wanted to target, I immediately signed up to advertise. Not only were the maintainers (especially Amber) helpful, but they were just as enthusiastic about listing my vintage advertisement as I was! Two months later I’ve noticed more online store hits, better sales and even more press on other blogs! I was really impressed with the service I got from Painfully Hip and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

-Kristen from Brown Bettie Vintage

“I just wanted to let you know I am very happy with my ad so far! So far in the last week your site has sent almost 500 visitors to my site, so that is good…! Your referrals were second to Google so that is really something. You really have a great site going and I love the look of it.
Thank you once again! Cheers to You!”

-Wendy from KittyGirl Vintage

“I’m so happy I decided to advertise with Painfully Hip! Amber and Eve are so down to earth and easy to work with. They allow a small business like mine to easily reach my target audience at a very reasonable price. Thanks ladies!!

-Jen from Penelopepup’s Vintage

“Of all the advertising we’ve tried online, Painfully Hip has given us the biggest bang for our buck. We receive constant traffic and sales from our ad placements – in particular the “Want of the Weak” and feature posts. Amber and Eve have a loyal reader base and many newcomers who respect their choices and opinions on fashion. Many of their readers have become our repeat customers. They are pleasant and accommodating and we will continue to work with them.”

-Michelle from LadyLanguage

We would like to extend to you the opportunity to create some buzz with Painfully Hip’s loyal readers, a very desirable audience of hip, internet-savvy, fashion-inspired, mostly female shoppers!

Here are some of the affordable options we offer:

1. Sidebar Image Ads

150×150 px: Small Square We are about to switch all ads to this lovely size, beginning in January, 2012. Ask about our introductory discount.
1 month run=$45
2 month run=$75
3 month run=$125
6 month run=$225

150×225 px
2 week run=$50
1 month run=$65
2 month run=$120
3 month run=$185
6 month run=$340

400×150 px
2 week run=$65
1 month run=$100
2 month run=$180
3 month run=$245
6 month run=$425

600×150 px
2 week run=$75
1 month run=$125
2 month run=$225
3 month run=$300
6 month run=$575

2. Footer Banner
700X90 px:
2 week run=$55
1 month run=$85
2 month run=$150
3 month run=$200
6 month run=$350

A beautifully-designed (if I do say so myself) 150X400 sidebar feature in the most desired real estate at the top of the page, which highlights our most drool-worthy, wallet-friendly picks of the week with a direct link to the item and another to your site’s front page. This featured item is handpicked by us from your inventory with an hilarious blurb to whet our readers’ palates. It can also feature a reader discount code which always produces higher click-through rates. This is especially useful for Holiday Promotions and eBay auctions! The rate is $60 per item/week. Space is limited, so act fast!

4. End of Post Ads
300×125 px: $30 each
450×125 px: $40 each
These ads are extremely visible within the body of the image-rich content on the front page and will remain so even after scrolling into the archives. Our archives have enjoyed very active traffic with thousands of views from our easily-addicted readers, links from Stumbleupon.com (we get “stumbled” constantly), hundreds of other blogs and all major search engines!


-Included with the purchase of an ad campaign for $150 of more is one FREE “Want of the Weak!”
(These are both great places to include special discounts for Painfully Hip readers, or mention any current promotions.)

-If you don’t yet have an ad in these sizes, I am a professional graphic designer and would love to put something together for you at a discounted rate. Please email me at painfullyhipdesign@gmail.com for more information. There are some samples of my past work up at PainfullyHip Design.

We do accept samples for review and editorials
-Prices are subject to change, but your price will remain the same for the life of your campaign for as long as you continuously renew.

Thank you so much for your interest and please do enjoy the Hipness!

Amber Mortensen
Painfully Hip
Painfully Hip Design