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thrift star of the day: band vamp


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Makes you wonder where the term “band geek” could possibly have come from. How could this jacket be so perfect?

thrift star of the day: le chat chic

mini dress and knee socks plus size

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Lovely Lokello has the greatest smile known to man – it even outshines her amazing leather jacket (thrifted) and that adorable orange cat who is obviously admiring her innovative black sock / white shoe combo. More girls should learn that a big gleaming smile is, hands down, the best accessory.

By the way, check out our amazing turquoise romper featured in an acidwash blog post over at the super sweet vintage auction site, Market Publique! Yay! Thanks, MP.

Painfully Hip Remix: Maximize your closet and nail down your personal style

It’s funny how times like these can spawn a rainstorm of buzzwords (is anyone else already sick of the word “recessionista?”). “Shop your closet” is a recession-triggered slogan which alludes to making do with what you already have. So I’d like to resurrect the following classic post which, although over a year old, can be even more useful today.

Do you have an over-flowing closet, but nothing to wear? End up wearing the same boring things over and over? Or maybe you get really confused and have no focus when you go shopping. Think you know what you like, but fear you can’t pull it off? Well then sweetie, you need to keep reading…

1. Figure out what you love.
Take out the top pieces in your closet that you love, not neccessarily things that you wear all the time. I’m talking about your most special, going-out pieces. Like the overtly impractical cocktail dress that you spent too much on because you had to have it. The over-sized peacock pendant that you shouldn’t wear dancing cause it hits you in the face when you pogo, but sometimes you can’t resist anyway. Your favorite uncomfortable shoes, your grandma’s silk Pucci scarf from the 60s and that hat you sometimes wear even on good hair days. Whatever it is, if your heart goes pitter-pat when you put it on, pull it out. But be selective and forget about trends. Try to lean more toward things you’ve had and loved for a while, not just your newest and trendiest acquisitions.


2. Take a look at your favorite go-to staple pieces.
Pull out your perfectly worn out indigo skinnies. Your Audrey-est little black dress. Your comfy leather shoes, slouchy grey cardigan, colorful vintage sneakers, well-tailored black jacket and very versatile pair of flats. Choose the things you wear the most, while thinking mostly of their aesthetic value; how good you think they look on you, not how comfortable they are. You’re trying to figure out your personal style, not what to wear whilst hungover on your couch watching the 3rd season of Arrested Development.

3. Assess your tendencies.
Ponder your choices and think of a few words that describe your aesthetic. According to my picks, I tend to gravitate more toward 60’s styling and feminine details combined with edgier, more casual pieces. Next time you go shopping, think about these 20 pieces and try to choose things that enhance them and round out a strong aesthetic. But don’t be too strict for too long. Always allow room for your style to evolve. Choose your trends carefully and don’t let them rule your style.


4. Learn to sew.
As you are going through your closet, start setting aside the pieces you’ve held on to for a while but never wear. Consider why this is. Is it too dressy, too frilly, too girly, fits weird? All of these things would be fixable if you just bite the bullet and learn just a few simple sewing skills. Removing a superfluous ruffle, replacing buttons and hemming jeans are a few things that take mere minutes to complete and can turn something “blah” into something a little more “oh hell yes!”
Start by reading 6 Sewing Tips for Beginners from The Closet Seamstress.

5. Confidence, confidence, confidence…
Do you really want to live the rest of your life worrying about what people think? Those rare pieces that give you more confidence are few and far between. I hate it when people say, “I’d love to wear that, but I’d never be able to pull it off.” Pshaw, my friends, pshaw. With the right amount of confidence, you could pull off zebra-striped overalls, even if you’re not M.I.A. Once you’ve figured out what you truly love, the only thing left to do is rock it like wee Stella…


When in doubt sneer, strut or just grin and no one will ever doubt your style choices ever again. Besides, who gives a poop if they do, they call it personal style for a reason.

thrift star of the day: cherry gun

cherry gun
originally uploaded by cherry gun for wardrobe_remix

Ack! Why didn’t I ever think to cross a “1930s paper boy” look with a touch of “1940s pin-up?”
Oh RIGHT, its because I’m not a freaking genius.

BTW, is now optimized for iPhone! Enjoy.


thrift star of the day: style up to here

originally uploaded by the owl and the grapes for wardrobe remix

It is a tough thing to swallow that parts of this outfit were bought by the kilo – she looks like millions of bucks. Pure cloche bliss. Miss Emma Peel of the Owl and the Grapes is just devastating on a spiritual level.

Oh happy day! Tomorrow marks the launch of the Painfully Hip Design Collective, a motley co-op of talented local designers, vintage curators, photographers, models, makeup and hair stylists, all working together to create beguiling, artful fashion editorials.

What does this mean besides candy for your peepers? Painfully Hip readers will get exclusive access to the featured one-of-a-kind designer or vintage pieces for purchase on the Collective’s new Etsy site! The goal is to expose the exploding northern California fashion scene, its pristine vintage, and all the things we are capable of.

I am seriously, seriously excited about this! So much so that I can’t resist revealing a lil’ sneak peek of our first shoot, featuring clothes from Thunderhorse Vintage, who specialize in the 80s and 90s:

More tomorrow! Check back often to be the first to get your hands on one of-a-kind bootie!

Mad Boy: America’s Most Stylish 8 year old

Oh happy day, Eve just found out seconds ago that the lil’ tinykins currently inhabiting her womb is a BOY! Soon to be named Ennio. Yesterday we were agreeing about how it seems that no amount of frills and lace can make a baby girl any cuter, but the absolute cutest way to dress a boy is to dress him like an old man.

In celebration of today, I just HAD to post these photos from GQ of Arlo Weiner (son of the creator of HBO’s Mad Men), currently being touted as America’s Most Stylish 8 year old. Needless to say? I believe.

Arlo Weiner velvet suit

“This is my Valentine’s Day outfit. The jacket and the pants are velvet. I love the tie because it’s really two ties stacked on top of each other. (My dad had to tie it for me.) The pink tie matched the pink shirt. I wore brown-and-white argyle socks for a random pattern.”

arlo weiner

“My mom got the jacket for me—I love it because I love Frank Sinatra and this is like something he would wear. I wore the jacket with the pants because I like the different plaids together. I thought the blue in the necklace brought out the blue in the pants. It’s a blue orb with fire around it.”

arlo weiner top hat

“I have a lot of black outfits these days, so I needed the red ascot to add some color. I love red and black together—they each make the other stand out. I’ve worn this to school about 12 times.”

arlo weiner most stylish 8 year old in america

“The hat is like a Frank Sinatra hat. I wore the jacket with the tie because green and gray are my favorite blend. I’m holding my dad’s bag in the picture, but at school I use my dad’s old brown leather satchel.”

arlo weiner, the most stylish 8 year old in the world

“This is my favorite outfit. The tie is a regular tie, but I tied it like that because I’ve seen it done that way in old English movies. Even though the tie and the jacket are different colors, they’re both striped, so I thought they looked right together. And I wore the vest and pants together because they’re both shades of red.”

It’s really funny too that Diana posted about stylish young’uns yesterday. We’re just on the same mission to elevate “cute” into the art-form it is.

Check out more of the adorable Arlo Weiner here: Continue reading Mad Boy: America’s Most Stylish 8 year old

thrift star of the day: brotherly love

I recently went to a Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Gala. My little (?) brother came along with his ever-so-lovely wife and they looked amazing.

Josh (isn’t he SO CUTE?!) is wearing thrifted houndstooth slacks and an H&M checked jacket. I adored his mixed print suit – so sixties! Janet is wearing an almost completely thrifted outfit, lovely as the day is long.

Big News! Here’s what I’ve been working on of late.

We will soon be launching the…

…which will result in the discovery of local fashion designers you’ve never heard of, lots of exclusive photoshoots with models styled by me, and links to the availability of the one-of-a-kind designer and handpicked vintage togs in said photos. Pretty sweet, no?

If you are a fashion designer in Sacramento, or have a vintage boutique that needs more online promotion, email me at painfullyhip at gmail dot com!

thrift star of the day: zebra stripes

Happy weekendtimes, Hipsters!

striped dress, multistrap maryjanes
originally uploaded by cat.dentures for wardrobe_remix

This Rykiel dress gets so much hipper with thrifted accessories. That poor zebra head looks envious.

Sacramento! Come check out the Movement of Design fashion show tonight! I’m walking for Van der Neer who has some amazing mixed print jumpers and high-waisted bubble shorts. I’m verrrry excited.

movement of designmodsac

thrift star of the day: fascinating

jeans and t shirt and feather fascinator
originally uploaded by Mrs Ganye for wardrobe_remix

Can’t get up the balls to try out that new fascinator you’ve been neglecting? Try pairing it with jeans and a t-shirt. Of course, it couldn’t hurt to have The Most Perfect Levis in the History of the Modern World at hand. Yeesh.


thrift stars of the day: cheeky chic

two girls kissing
originally uploaded by ibruisered for wardrobe_remix

This photo gives me the giggles. I love how there are three cheeky characters in this photo: one girl in a pin-up pose giving us the eye, smooching girl with a jaunty scarf, and the wind getting fresh.

I’m off to San Francisco for the day and I hope it feels just like this!
Happy weekend!