The Wolford House

     The Wolford House is secretly nestled on Mt. Washington less than 4 miles from downtown, an 1100 sq ft two bedroom bungalow by architect and protege of Frank Lloyd Wright, James Delong. 

     Built in 1947, this virtually untouched historic monument features a zen garden-like entrance, panoramic windows framing soaring views, cantilevered overhangs, gorgeous natural lighting, clerestory windows, horizontal wood paneled walls, rust-colored concrete floors, a huge sliding glass door leading to an outdoor living space and succulent draped terrace. Built in to the house is a long sofa, inset overhead lights, geometric chandelier, dining table, and writing desk. This perfectly preserved specimen of Mid Century Modern / Usonian architecture is now available at hourly or daily rates for productions, photo shoots and small dinner/cocktail events. Rates are per day/hour. Please text or email for terms/rates. 

The house and grounds have an incredible variety stunning angles, gardens, architectural features and expansive views for its size.


Living area

The living room features an all original built-in couch and two restored lounge chairs from the 1930s. The panoramic windows overlook a 180 degree view of the west side and the ocean on a clear day.

IMG_1074 2.JPG

Historic Monument

The Wolford House was declared an Historic Monument in 1994. As such it will remain structurally untouched. 


Original wood 

The ceilings and paneling are all original redwood from 1947, with beautiful mathematical detailing throughout.