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Enid Collins Has Me BeDazzled

by Jill Sherman

Darling Jill Sherman of Trend de la Creme has an amazing blog and is now our newest contributor! This post RULES, I’m glad I poached her!

Thanks so very much, Jill!


While many of you were buckled down to watch the Oscar’s last night, I was hunched over my computer with bated breath, hoping to finally score a vintage Enid Collins bag I’ve been following on eBay. From 1959 to 1970, designer Enid Collins churned out a variety of decorated bags, each hand-painted and hand-rhinestoned. (You could say she was the original ‘BeDazzler’ of sorts — although a lot more ‘artsy’ and a lot less ‘fartsy’.)  And to this day, I’ve remained particularly smitten with her wooden box bags, each finished with leather trim, mirrors, brass findings and fasteners.

For many years, her bags had a small cult following. But when Neiman Marcus placed an order, demand catapulted Enid into “it bag” stardom. In 1970, she sold her business with the copyrights to her designs to the Tandy Corporation. Since then, her original bags have become highly sought after collector’s items with price tags ranging between $50-$500, depending on the condition. She has also created a small but faithful following among Blythe doll collectors looking to accessorize their dolls with high-end duds.  (Liz Retros has about 15 of them up for sale on etsy this very moment.)

For your viewing enjoyment, I have collected a small sampling of her early bags, each with it’s own distinct personality.  (Can you see why I’ve fallen in love?)

Images courtesy of Glumpire and Xie Kitchen